Monday, September 25, 2017

the first date | year seven

Thomas and i re-create our first date on September 22 every year because it has become tradition. me doing a blog post to commemorate our re-creation has also become a tradition. (you can see past posts here: 2014, 2015, 2016) thankfully it was just a simple low-key date of coffee after i got out of tutoring in accounting lab cause six years ago i was still working on my undergrad degree in accounting. it is so crazy that it's been six years, and so crazy how much life has changed in those six years.

it's also kinda crazy that this is the seventh year that we've done this date, but we've been together for six years. math is kinda funny like that sometimes, it can be confusing. i originally thought this was our sixth time doing the date, because it had been six years. but then i remembered we did the date the original time too so this is actually the seventh time we've done this date! but the sixth time we've re-created the date. i digress. either way, it's been a long time!

this year it fell on a friday, so i was planning on going decaf since i wake up early every saturday morning and go to class for 6 hours. #gradschoolproblems but then i thought about bubble tea and that sounded a lot better than sugary decaf coffee. so we changed it up a little bit this year and went to a tea place instead of Starbucks. and actually our first date was supposed to be at Dunkin because we both like their coffee more, but it was closed by the time we got there since i was in accounting lab until 8pm. little known fact :) also, the tea bar we went to is the same tea bar we had our third date at... so it all kinda fits into the theme!

i love the fact that we take the time to do this every year, and i hope we can do it until our hair has turned gray! and i like the fact that we changed it up this year. i mean, it's kinda the same thing because the date is basically buying way overpriced beverages. ;)

i think it's cool how our first date is always around the first day of fall each year. and this year it fell on the same exact day that ushers fall in! fall is both of our favorite season, and it signifies change, so it fits with the change that this date held in both of our lives! the bummer is that this year September 22 was SO HOT. maybe now that it's officially fall the weather can get the hint and cool off some!

what's your favorite overpriced beverage?

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