Wednesday, November 29, 2017

family photos

one of my favorite things is taking photos to capture a moment in time. pictures are kindof my love language, actually. i love pictures mainly because they are memories. all over our house, we decorate with photos because they make our house feel more home-y. i also love using photos in gifts that i give, and i have even used them to decorate wrapping paper. you could call me photo obsessed. ;)

now that we have nephews on each side of our family, Thomas and i have loved capturing photos of them as they grow older. this year we wanted updated family pictures of both of our families, so we had a family picture day at both of our Thanksgiving celebrations! we ran out of light and weren't able to get a good photo of my entire family together, but we did get some good ones prior. and now is the fun part where i get to show off my two beautiful families! ;)



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