Wednesday, November 01, 2017

project 12 | October

i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year as i can. it's fun to look back on the details of our year at the end of it, as well as seeing how we change through the photos each month. :)


i had three big papers due before fall break, so you could say i was ready for the break by the time it came! ;) this semester, all of my assignments are spread out so there is constantly something due each week which makes it stressful. i try my best to work ahead as much as i can, but constantly feel like i can't get ahead on the big assignments. i was able to work ahead in two of my classes before break, which i'm thankful for because as soon as we got home i had a nasty upper respiratory virus and an ear infection. i was pretty sick the entire week and hardly had energy to do any school work, so i was glad i worked ahead and could take time to rest. fall break was also the midpoint of the semester, so at least i am traveling downhill now!

over fall break we went up to KY and OH with my parents and my in-laws to visit some of our family friends and the Creation Museum & Ark Encounter. once i found out that there were animals at both places... i was in. ;) it was a short weekend trip, but it was fun and kinda like a mini-family vacation with both families. i read the story of Noah and the ark in the Bible before we went so it was cool to think about it while "seeing" the ark. even though no one knows exactly how it was built (because that's not the point of the story) it was cool to see how big it was and imagine how it all worked.

the weather finally cooled off about mid-month and it actually feels like fall around these parts now. which i'm thankful for because after living in the armpit of SC for two summers, it was a long time coming! i just hope fall temps stick around for a little while... fall, you are a welcome friend! 

October 3 - picnic dinner at the lake
October 13 - dinner out & celebrating finishing my 3rd paper of the month
October 16 - saw Air Force One at the airport cause the president was in town
October 17 - toured an Inpatient facility with my supervisor
October 18 - meeting with my supervisor and the school liaison
October 20-22 - family trip to KY & OH
October 29 - afternoon trip to the mountains

what have you been up to this month?

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