Sunday, December 31, 2017

20 favorite photos of 2017

i saw Beka do a photo recap of the year, and thought sharing favorite photos from 2017 was a great idea! it was really hard to decide on my favorites, so i have my top 20 below. i didn't want this post to be super long, so i just added a short recap of what the photo is below each one. enjoy! :)

an hour from where we lived the first half of 2017, was a National Park that has the largest expanse of old growth bottomland hardwood forest still intact. we went a few times, but this trip was my favorite because it felt like a swamp since it had rained so much!

Thomas and I went to the beach a lot during January before my semester really started. we found this little beach with dead trees & a view of the lighthouse. this is one of my favorite photos i've taken of Thomas!

i love the beach in the winter & this little shell sitting amidst the reflections was just too cute!

it was pretty warm one day in January, so we took Dixie on her first ever trip to the beach!

we got enos last Christmas, and have enjoyed a full year of them! this was at a park near our apartment & right under us was a little creek which we loved listening to while reading!

we met for my mom and sister's birthday & my nephew was outside on the sidewalk. he saw me and Thomas inside the building & started waving at us!

we went to the beach during a weekend on my spring break & i was able to snap this awesome sunset picture of Thomas! 

i was taking Easter photos of the bunnies & i caught Luna with her tongue out! so cute!

one of the few times Dixie was allowed on our bed on a saturday morning! this is the perfect lazy morning photo!

Thomas worked in a building attached to the minor league baseball field, so we got free tickets a few times and enjoyed club seats! we also got to meet Tim Tebow and get his autograph the short amount of time he played for the Fireflies!

our anniversary trip to Philadelphia was super fun & i'm glad Julie told me about this place because it was one of our favorite shots of the city!

my sister & nephew met us at the zoo one day. we tried to get a group shot with the giraffe, but obviously it was a fail! ;) Jonah did not want to get licked by the giraffe tongue & he cut Thomas out of the photo while avoiding the giraffe!

we used to go for walks at sunset on the dam & there were always people fishing off the pier. this is one of my favorite photos!

i took photos of our peg people at some of our favorite shots around town before we moved back home. this was one of our favorite views of the city!

we spent my entire 3 day break between summer & fall semesters outside enjoying mountain views, the lake, and our enos!

this was the day of the eclipse - the second sunset of the day at the lake. it was beautiful!

Dixie has been feeling so much better since we switched her medicine, so we celebrated by taking her out to the covered bridge one day!

i took some family photos during Thanksgiving, and this is one of my favorites of my nephew!

Albie was at the vet a lot during December for treatment, so she missed out on the Christmas photos i took. (although i'm sure she's not upset about that!) but i did get some cute photos of Luna in a tiny santa hat!

we took some photos of Albie on her last day and this is one of the sweetest! we gave her all she wanted to eat of a banana (which is her favorite treat) and just got to hang out with her outside! it was sad to say goodbye, but i'm glad we were able to capture these sweet memories!

what are your favorite memories from 2017?

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