Wednesday, December 27, 2017

a peg people Christmas

i like to do something personalized for our Christmas gifts each year because it's fun to be creative. some of the ways i have done this over the years is through photo gift wrap, mini initial stockings, or DIYing all of our gifts

i am pretty obsessed with peg dolls, ever since we used them as our cupcake toppers for our wedding. i take mine tons of places and get photos with them cause i think they are so adorable. (some of these adorable photos can be found here, here, here, and here) over the summer i made some wedding peg dolls for my friend Emily who had just gotten engaged, and i loved that i was able to incorporate them into their engagement photos that i took! 

this year i knew i wanted to do something personalized to stick in our families gifts, but i also knew that i had a busy fall semester with grad school and 12 hour shifts at the hospital. thankfully we had almost all of our Christmas gifts purchased by the end of September, so i had enough time to slowly work on something during the semester. i decided this year's theme would be peg dolls for everyone! 

the peg dolls are pretty small, measuring at 1.5 inches tall, so they are hard to paint any kind of detail on. i am not that great of a painter and i didn't want to spend a ton of money on getting a million different paint colors.. so i went with a simplified theme! they don't look exactly like our families, but with the hair color and clothes customized you can still tell who they are supposed to be. 

i also made some colorful ninjas for our five-year-old nephew because he likes ninjas. his parents also like ninjas, so i made their peg people ninjas on the back. ;) i coated them all with polyurethane so they wouldn't scratch, and that was an adventure in itself. some of the paint spread when i coated with poly, so i had to do some touch up work but for the most part you can't really tell.

i found some smaller peg dolls at a craft store, and decided to do both of my nephews to complete the families. i originally wasn't going to do the nephews, because i didn't want to do them the same size as the adults because that would be weird. so, i was happy to find the smaller peg dolls. i think they came out cute & finalized the family! 

i think they came out really cute and i had so much fun playing with them and getting photos (especially in those adorable tiny santa hats). i was pretty sad when i had to wrap them actually, but it was a blast to watch everyone open them! 

how do you personalize the gifts you give?

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