Monday, December 11, 2017

date night with datebox

i got a coupon code from an email list that i was on, to try a free month of Datebox which is a monthly subscription service. we haven't had regular date nights for a while now, since i've been in grad school for a year and a half... so i figured it would be fun to try! plus, i don't often turn down anything that's free!

you fill out a questionnaire so they know some of the things you are interested in as a couple, and they either send you a date night at home or a date night out on the town. for date nights on the town, they send you vouchers for restaurants in your area which is really neat! you can subscribe to digital dates or monthly boxes that you receive in the mail. i LOVE getting cute packages in the mail so i opted to try the snail mail date box!

we received a date revolving around unity that included an at-home escape room game, apple cider,  popcorn, a caramel apple kit, and a booklet with conversation starters. the book also included a link to a spotify playlist specifically for this date & a companion website for the game. it was fun to talk through the conversation starters as we worked on making caramel apples in the kitchen. and sing to some of the songs on the playlist!

when i first looked at the caramel apple directions, i felt a little stressed out because it seemed like it would be easy to mess up. but, that's why it's fun to be in the kitchen with someone else who has better ideas than i do about how to do something! ;) i made dinner & the apple cider, and let Thomas be in charge of making the caramel. we decided to save the popcorn making for another night because we really weren't super hungry and were anxious to start the game.

the caramel apples came out really tasty, also. i dipped a few of mine in chocolate chips to add some texture and more yum to mine! the caramel apple kit made enough for 10 apples, so we ate caramel apples all week! ;)

the at-home escape room game was pretty fun! it came with three envelopes that each had a scenario & puzzle of sorts... where we had to figure out what each code was in order to move on. we entered the codes into the website and if we got it wrong, the website would give a hint but also take one minute from our countdown. it was fun to think through strategy and brainstorm about what the codes were.

we've always wanted to do one of the escape rooms around town, but since we are living on one income we have never wanted to spend the money. it was fun to work together to try to solve the clues and "escape" together. the website gives you an hour to complete the game, but we finished in 28 minutes so we were pretty proud of ourselves!

what are your favorite date night activities?

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