Wednesday, December 13, 2017

grad school by the numbers | volume 4

i can't believe i am finished with my fourth semester of grad school! i only have one more semester to go, consisting of 2 full-time classes, 2 non-credit classes, and an internship, and then it's time for licensure! i am one semester away from being a master! ;) this past semester was tough, but i am so glad i took a full load so i could free up some time in my schedule for the spring semester for licensure studying, and being involved in the honors society! 

this semester was full of 12 hour shifts for my internship in the ER. my shifts were from 11am-11pm so they were all day on the days that i worked. those days i didn't even see Thomas because he goes into work before i wake up. this semester was also full of saturday classes so the only day i really had off with Thomas was Sunday and we tried to protect those so we could have a day together each week. i did have some days off during the week which were filled with my online classes & doing the work for my saturday classes. it was a busy semester but worth it because i am so close to graduation!

grad school by the numbers | volume 4

semesters completed: 4 of 5

days of saturday classes: 14

articles read: 81

chapters read: 56

total pages read: 3,421

papers written: 15

total pages written: 135

video lectures watched: 35

presentations: 1

quizzes taken: 7

cups of coffee consumed: 105
*i quit caffeine mid-October after getting sick & switched to herbal tea which i didn't include in this number

classes taken: 4

length of classes in hours: 3

hours of internship: 276

12-hour shifts worked: 23

semesters remaining: ONLY ONE!!!

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