Thursday, January 18, 2018

snow day!

we had a snow day yesterday and we all had a lot of fun playing out in the snow! it is always crazy when it snows here because half of the county gets a minimal dusting and the other half gets icy roads and inches of snow. we live in the northern side of our county towards the mountains which means we usually get the snow! we got around 5 inches where we are living, and the roads were covered with slush which turned into ice over night.

but my parents, who live about 45 minutes away, only had maybe half an inch of snow and crystal clear roads. it just blows me away that weather can be so different in that short of a distance! but i'm glad i live on the northern side that gets the snow! :) our basset loves getting out and running in the snow so we took her out a few times and let her off the leash so she could have fun. our rabbit, Luna, got to get out in the snow for the first time and she liked hopping around too! of course all of this resulted in some cute animal snow photos! :)

what is your favorite thing about snow?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DIY clothespin photo frame

i wanted to make my internship supervisor something cute and personalized for a Christmas gift. but as things go, the semester was super crazy and i didn't have time to work on it until after the semester was already over. so i ended up giving it to her this week when i resumed my internship for the spring semester! she loved it & i had so much fun making it that i wanted to share the process!

materials needed:
piece of fabric
unfinished wooden frame (i got mine from Hobby Lobby)
woodburning tool
mini clothespin
fabric flowers
spray polyurethane

o1; pencil your design onto the frame & trace with a woodburning tool
o2; use a paper towel to stain the wood with your choice of stain color
o3; spray 3-4 good coats of poly onto the front, back, and sides of the frame
o4; stretch fabric around the frame insert and glue to hold in place
o5; place fabric insert into frame once poly is dry
o6; glue your fabric flowers to the top of the frame
o7; glue a mini clothespin onto the fabric insert & clip a photo onto the frame!

it is pretty simple to put together, but does take some time since you have to wait for the stain and the poly to dry. i finished mine over the course of two days, and i love how it all pulled together. i love the wooden element, but the fabric insert really makes it fun! plus, the woodburned name and/or design personalizes the gift! i decided to make a matching coaster for my supervisor to go with the frame, because she drinks a lot of coffee! i like how the name & cat face are on both to tie them together, i think it came out so cute!

what are your favorite DIY projects to gift?

Monday, January 08, 2018

project 12 | December

i love having my years captured month by month and have loved keeping up with project 12 for the past four years! i am ending project 12 with 2017, however, and hoping to blog updates in a different way going forward. project 12 was really fun, and i have turned all of the posts into two shutterfly photobooks. i love having the memories to read back through, and seeing how we change through the photos each month! thanks for sticking with me on this project 12 journey!


i finished my third full semester of grad school this month & now only one semester stands between me and graduating with my masters! over Christmas break i started my two non-credit classes, but i will be continuing them during the spring semester. that's why i'm glad i took summer classes and only have two full time classes for the spring semester! this spring will be busy with these four classes and studying/taking my licensure exam. and then hopefully getting a job & buying a house!

our rabbit, Albie, got pretty sick during December and was having trouble breathing. we took her to the vet at the beginning of the month and her breathing got a little better. then it got bad again a few days before Christmas. it was a stressful time because we lost our bunny, Finn, last year around the same time due to GI issues. we found out that she had a really bad case of pneumonia. we started her on a 2-week course of medication, knowing it only had a 50% chance of working. but sadly a week into the medication, she stopped eating and started to be in pain. so, we had to say goodbye earlier than anticipated. she's no longer in pain and we got to hold her until she fell asleep, but it was really hard and we miss her a lot.

December 3 - day trip to Hendersonville
December 4 - my last 12 hour shift for the semester!
December 5 - Christmas market at my mother-in-law's school
December 6 - date night with datebox
December 8 - first snow of winter!
December 9 - last day of classes for the semester!
December 10 - visited my grandma & Lights Before Christmas at the zoo
December 14 - Thomas's grandpa's birthday party
December 15 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi with my family (it's always a family affair)
December 16 - day trip to the mountains
December 17 - Christmas music at Thomas's parents church
December 22-24 - Christmas in Gatlinburg with Thomas's family
December 25 - Christmas with my family
December 26 - Christmas with Thomas's grandparents
December 27 - we said goodbye to Albie
December 30 - day trip to the mountains
December 31 - Christmas with my grandma

what have you been up to this month?

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

currently | january

currently, I've been...

starting: my last semester of grad school (on monday)! these two years have been a lot of work, but have also gone by so quickly because of that! i am looking forward to graduating with my masters, starting a new job as a medical social worker, and having my weekends free again come May!

hoping: that this year brings a lot of good changes. i will be graduating in May, taking my licensure exam, and hopefully starting a new job. it will be a very stressful time leading up to May, so i am hoping things go as smoothly as they can!

scheduling: a weekend trip to celebrate graduation & our anniversary in May! i got a credit for airbnb through a friend and i have to use it by august, so i figured May will be the perfect time! i'm looking at some cities that me and Thomas have never been to together but are close enough to drive to!

reading: i'm trying to get some fun reads in before the semester starts and all my reading time goes to school books. i have been wanting to read Big Little Lies for a while now. i found it a few months ago for $5 at a thrift shop, so i finally started it in December. i am hoping to finish it before the semester starts on monday!

playing: in the mountains on sundays! i have classes for 7 hours on saturday and then we go to church on saturday night. so we have freed up our sundays during the semester to have a day together and play! we love going up to the mountains and just getting out in nature on our free day.

what have you been up to recently?

linking up with Anne

Monday, January 01, 2018

twenty eighteen.

2016 was a year of huge change. we sold our house, moved to a new city, i quit my job and started grad school, and we've been living on one income since. there were some hard weeks at the end of my job, and a huge adjustment to grad school life and apartment life. we also got our bunny, Luna, after losing our white bunny, Finn. that was a bittersweet, unplanned change. we love our Luna, but it was really hard losing Finn. 

2017 was my first full year in grad school. i also took classes during the summer break and Christmas break, so it was definitely a full year of classes. we moved back home during 2017, after i got accepted into my first internship choice at the hospital. we are living with my in-laws which has been good, but we are in one room and living out of boxes stored in a storage unit which brings its own challenges. we also lost another pet two days after Christmas, our Albie had a really bad case of pneumonia and two rounds of medicine didn't work so we had to say goodbye.

now here we are at the beginning of 2018, which will be another year of big change. this year i will graduate grad school, start a new career, we will buy our own home (hopefully), celebrate being married for five years, and i am sure there will be some unplanned changes that come along the way. (although i am really hoping they don't involve losing another pet, because i can't do that three years in a row)

change is a weird thing because on one hand, you are excited for the new adventure, but on the other hand it means you have to say goodbye to something too. i think graduation will be a little bit easier, since i already said a lot of my goodbye's when we moved back home this past August.

when i graduate, there will be happy goodbyes and sad goodbyes. happy goodbyes such as no more saturdays spent in 7 hours of classes, and no more doing school work/studying for licensure 24/7. but also sad goodbyes such as no longer seeing the people that i do now regularly, and no longer being able to sleep in a few days a week! (my first year was M-F, but this past year since classes were on saturdays, i had a few weekdays free each week. and with working til 11 at my internship, i needed to sleep in!)

so that is what 2018 is going to look like for us... a lot of change. some happy, some sad, but all inevitable. but most of the change we have been looking forward to since this whole adventure was dreamed up in November 2015. we've been looking forward to graduation, a new career, and finally having our own home again. we've been looking forward to being able to settle down and stay in one place for a while. and now it's 2018, and we get to see how it all plays out!

what are you most excited (or nervous) about for this year?