Wednesday, January 03, 2018

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currently, I've been...

starting: my last semester of grad school (on monday)! these two years have been a lot of work, but have also gone by so quickly because of that! i am looking forward to graduating with my masters, starting a new job as a medical social worker, and having my weekends free again come May!

hoping: that this year brings a lot of good changes. i will be graduating in May, taking my licensure exam, and hopefully starting a new job. it will be a very stressful time leading up to May, so i am hoping things go as smoothly as they can!

scheduling: a weekend trip to celebrate graduation & our anniversary in May! i got a credit for airbnb through a friend and i have to use it by august, so i figured May will be the perfect time! i'm looking at some cities that me and Thomas have never been to together but are close enough to drive to!

reading: i'm trying to get some fun reads in before the semester starts and all my reading time goes to school books. i have been wanting to read Big Little Lies for a while now. i found it a few months ago for $5 at a thrift shop, so i finally started it in December. i am hoping to finish it before the semester starts on monday!

playing: in the mountains on sundays! i have classes for 7 hours on saturday and then we go to church on saturday night. so we have freed up our sundays during the semester to have a day together and play! we love going up to the mountains and just getting out in nature on our free day.

what have you been up to recently?

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