Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DIY clothespin photo frame

i wanted to make my internship supervisor something cute and personalized for a Christmas gift. but as things go, the semester was super crazy and i didn't have time to work on it until after the semester was already over. so i ended up giving it to her this week when i resumed my internship for the spring semester! she loved it & i had so much fun making it that i wanted to share the process!

materials needed:
piece of fabric
unfinished wooden frame (i got mine from Hobby Lobby)
woodburning tool
mini clothespin
fabric flowers
spray polyurethane

o1; pencil your design onto the frame & trace with a woodburning tool
o2; use a paper towel to stain the wood with your choice of stain color
o3; spray 3-4 good coats of poly onto the front, back, and sides of the frame
o4; stretch fabric around the frame insert and glue to hold in place
o5; place fabric insert into frame once poly is dry
o6; glue your fabric flowers to the top of the frame
o7; glue a mini clothespin onto the fabric insert & clip a photo onto the frame!

it is pretty simple to put together, but does take some time since you have to wait for the stain and the poly to dry. i finished mine over the course of two days, and i love how it all pulled together. i love the wooden element, but the fabric insert really makes it fun! plus, the woodburned name and/or design personalizes the gift! i decided to make a matching coaster for my supervisor to go with the frame, because she drinks a lot of coffee! i like how the name & cat face are on both to tie them together, i think it came out so cute!

what are your favorite DIY projects to gift?

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