Thursday, January 18, 2018

snow day!

we had a snow day yesterday and we all had a lot of fun playing out in the snow! it is always crazy when it snows here because half of the county gets a minimal dusting and the other half gets icy roads and inches of snow. we live in the northern side of our county towards the mountains which means we usually get the snow! we got around 5 inches where we are living, and the roads were covered with slush which turned into ice over night.

but my parents, who live about 45 minutes away, only had maybe half an inch of snow and crystal clear roads. it just blows me away that weather can be so different in that short of a distance! but i'm glad i live on the northern side that gets the snow! :) our basset loves getting out and running in the snow so we took her out a few times and let her off the leash so she could have fun. our rabbit, Luna, got to get out in the snow for the first time and she liked hopping around too! of course all of this resulted in some cute animal snow photos! :)

what is your favorite thing about snow?

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