Monday, January 01, 2018

twenty eighteen.

2016 was a year of huge change. we sold our house, moved to a new city, i quit my job and started grad school, and we've been living on one income since. there were some hard weeks at the end of my job, and a huge adjustment to grad school life and apartment life. we also got our bunny, Luna, after losing our white bunny, Finn. that was a bittersweet, unplanned change. we love our Luna, but it was really hard losing Finn. 

2017 was my first full year in grad school. i also took classes during the summer break and Christmas break, so it was definitely a full year of classes. we moved back home during 2017, after i got accepted into my first internship choice at the hospital. we are living with my in-laws which has been good, but we are in one room and living out of boxes stored in a storage unit which brings its own challenges. we also lost another pet two days after Christmas, our Albie had a really bad case of pneumonia and two rounds of medicine didn't work so we had to say goodbye.

now here we are at the beginning of 2018, which will be another year of big change. this year i will graduate grad school, start a new career, we will buy our own home (hopefully), celebrate being married for five years, and i am sure there will be some unplanned changes that come along the way. (although i am really hoping they don't involve losing another pet, because i can't do that three years in a row)

change is a weird thing because on one hand, you are excited for the new adventure, but on the other hand it means you have to say goodbye to something too. i think graduation will be a little bit easier, since i already said a lot of my goodbye's when we moved back home this past August.

when i graduate, there will be happy goodbyes and sad goodbyes. happy goodbyes such as no more saturdays spent in 7 hours of classes, and no more doing school work/studying for licensure 24/7. but also sad goodbyes such as no longer seeing the people that i do now regularly, and no longer being able to sleep in a few days a week! (my first year was M-F, but this past year since classes were on saturdays, i had a few weekdays free each week. and with working til 11 at my internship, i needed to sleep in!)

so that is what 2018 is going to look like for us... a lot of change. some happy, some sad, but all inevitable. but most of the change we have been looking forward to since this whole adventure was dreamed up in November 2015. we've been looking forward to graduation, a new career, and finally having our own home again. we've been looking forward to being able to settle down and stay in one place for a while. and now it's 2018, and we get to see how it all plays out!

what are you most excited (or nervous) about for this year?

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