Wednesday, February 07, 2018

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currently, i am...

finishing: I am working on finishing the second of my two non-credit classes I was taking this semester. each class is 45 hours total, and each section is 3 hours long. on my days off, I would try to get two sections in which meant spending 6 hours on classes. it was rough but I am glad I doubled up so that I will finish this week! then I can spend those 6 hours a day studying for the licensure exam which I am taking in May. I can't believe how close I am to being done!

subscribing: honestly, I don't subscribe to anything really. I randomly get Hulu or Netflix if they offer a free month! ;) but we do have Amazon Prime right now because I got a few months free for being a student, and we've got another year left at the student discounted rate! it has come in handy when I need to order books for school or gifts! I can get used to the 2-day shipping!

wish-listing: all the trips! can you wish-list trips? because I sure do! I'm glad we live so close to the mountains because we are able to go hiking as much as we want which feels like a day vacation when we do! but we haven't been on a trip where we actually leave home in quite some time. so I am dreaming of all the vacations I want to take once I start working and we actually have money again! ;)

watching: I don't watch a whole lot of tv, but I do sometimes get hooked on shows and watch seasons straight through! I watched the first season of Riverdale over Christmas break and I got hooked, so I've been watching the weekly episodes as they come out for season 2! I've also been trying to catch up/keep up with The Flash!

hearting: jogging, which is kind of crazy cause I have never really liked running! I've been going to the lake on my days off (mainly to blow off steam from doing 6 hours straight of classes!) and walking/jogging around the parking lot for about an hour. and I've started to really enjoy and look forward to that time! 

what have you been up to this month?

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