Wednesday, March 07, 2018

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currently, I am...

planning our trip next week! we actually got some taxes back this year because the government feels bad that I make no money for my internship and have to pay for graduate school... so we decided to spend a little bit of that money to get out of town for a few days during my last ever spring break. I'm glad we decided to do that because I need a few days of a break right about now!

making up for the beginning of this semester when I had 4 classes and couldn't begin studying for the exam. now I am studying 4-6 hours a day because I actually have an exam date set and know when I have to be ready to take the exam by! it is nerve wracking! all I've been blogging about lately is grad school and this exam but it's because that is what my life is right now. but I can actually have a life again in two months! woo!

seeing all of the green coming back for the spring! there is just so much color coming out now that the weather is warm again and it makes the world seem more fun! give me all the color!

pretending that I have already taken my licensure exam, passed, and no longer have to stress about it anymore! also pretending that I have graduated and gotten a job so the pressure is off! ;) pretending is really fun!

wearing all the stretchy pants, whenever I can. if I am not in class or at my internship, I am most likely at home doing school work or out hiking/walking with Thomas. both of which are way more comfortable in stretchy pants! 

what have you been up to this month?

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