Monday, April 30, 2018

everyone needs a chicken BFF

my in-laws got chickens because they love having fresh eggs. since we live with them right now, we got to reap all of the benefits of having baby chicks around the house! they stayed in the garage under a heat lamp for the first month and we got to hold them a lot! I have bonded with a few of them and they come up to me to get belly rubs! haha!

they are now in their coop in the backyard, but I still go visit them a lot! I kinda feel like I live on a mini-farm, because the animals outnumber the people! we have 4 people, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, and 6 chickens! so as you can probably imagine, there is always something going on around here! we've only had the chickens for about 5 weeks & they have grown so much in that short amount of time! it has been so fun to interact so much with the chickens & see their little personalities!

Monday, April 23, 2018

the importance of capturing memories

I take a lot of photos, and I always have. I just like being able to capture memories so that I can look back on them later. I have made a photobook of each year Thomas & I have been married... and I love being able to look back over the smaller details of each year we have gone through as husband and wife. I think it is important to live in the moment and not always be worrying about getting the "perfect" photo - but it is equally as important to take the time to capture photos of the little and big things you want to remember. 

the other day we realized we have never done any professional photos with our basset hound. so, we included her on a photoshoot we did with Meg last month, and got some fun photos of us hanging out with her! Meg does documentary photography, so she gets natural shots and I love seeing the fun we have with our dog captured in these photos! she can't do too much hiking anymore since she has back issues, but we like to take her on walks in the park to just get outside and explore with her! I love the memories of our little family that are captured in these photos!

our basset is getting on up there in age, so we are trying to capture as many moments with her as we can. which is why we are also excited to try out our new 4K sports action camera and camcorder that we found a great deal on thanks to Wikibuy! we are anxious to take this compact camera/video recorder on our next outdoor adventure and capture some more fun memories! I took the photo below when our camera came in the mail last week & I think it's safe to say she is excited to use it on our next adventure too!

what is your favorite way to capture memories?

Monday, April 16, 2018

writing | young love

we're sitting in my driveway
staring up at the night sky
I want so much for you to hold me
but you're really rather shy

it's then that you ask me
for my number, so you can call
and it makes me wonder to myself
if you possibly kinda like me, after all

I didn't know what to expect
as I became a boy's girlfriend
but I actually rather like it
the more time together that we spend

the notes we write each other
and the laughs that we share
are memories I will treasure
for all my life, I swear

now we're sitting in my driveway
staring up at that same night sky
you've just told me that you love me
and I'm so happy I could cry

but instead I smile up at you
"I love you, too," I say
and I think, here in this moment
this is my favorite day

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

a trip to Chattanooga (& airbnb coupon!)

we have been wanting to take a trip to just get away for a few days. away from all the stresses of grad school, the licensure exam, saving up for a house, the impending job search, and just daily life in general. and thanks to an airbnb coupon, we were able to head to Chattanooga for a few days for pretty cheap! if you are looking to book with airbnb soon, use this link to sign up and you will get $40 off your first trip!

we usually save the money we get from our tax return because we don't want to go crazy and spend it all. honestly, we usually don't get any money back, but thanks to the school tax credit we have gotten a little bit back the past two years. so, we decided to use a small portion of that to take a trip during my spring break. we won't be able to take a trip after graduation because I will be swamped with applying for jobs, and we will be saving/looking for a house. plus, once I start working it will take me a while to accrue enough vacation time and I don't want to use it right away when I do accrue it! so it made sense to go now during the calm before the storm!

we actually took this trip mid-march but I am just now getting around to posting photos and blogging about it because grad school has been crazy. plus, I was busy studying for and PASSING my licensure exam! woohoo! we wanted to go somewhere different that we had never been to together. Thomas had seen billboards for Rock City when he was in Chattanooga once before and I thought it looked really cool so we decided to head to Chattanooga for a long weekend! we stopped and explored Rock City on our way there and it was so much fun! there was a lot more to explore there than we were thinking. there were caves, a waterfall, a swinging bridge, and beautiful views.

we spent the rest of our trip exploring downtown Chattanooga, riding bikes, walking across the pedestrian bridge, eating at yummy restaurants, drinking lavender lattes, and petting the airbnb owner's resident donkey! we didn't want to spend a lot of money but we did pay to rent the bikes for 24 hours so we could ride them off and on for two days! we had great weather the entire time we were there, so we stayed outside the entire time! and besides the fact that my face was sunburned after the first day, it was such a fun trip!




what has been your most recent trip & what made it memorable?