Monday, April 23, 2018

the importance of capturing memories

I take a lot of photos, and I always have. I just like being able to capture memories so that I can look back on them later. I have made a photobook of each year Thomas & I have been married... and I love being able to look back over the smaller details of each year we have gone through as husband and wife. I think it is important to live in the moment and not always be worrying about getting the "perfect" photo - but it is equally as important to take the time to capture photos of the little and big things you want to remember. 

the other day we realized we have never done any professional photos with our basset hound. so, we included her on a photoshoot we did with Meg last month, and got some fun photos of us hanging out with her! Meg does documentary photography, so she gets natural shots and I love seeing the fun we have with our dog captured in these photos! she can't do too much hiking anymore since she has back issues, but we like to take her on walks in the park to just get outside and explore with her! I love the memories of our little family that are captured in these photos!

our basset is getting on up there in age, so we are trying to capture as many moments with her as we can. which is why we are also excited to try out our new 4K sports action camera and camcorder that we found a great deal on thanks to Wikibuy! we are anxious to take this compact camera/video recorder on our next outdoor adventure and capture some more fun memories! I took the photo below when our camera came in the mail last week & I think it's safe to say she is excited to use it on our next adventure too!

what is your favorite way to capture memories?

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