Monday, April 16, 2018

writing | young love

we're sitting in my driveway
staring up at the night sky
I want so much for you to hold me
but you're really rather shy

it's then that you ask me
for my number, so you can call
and it makes me wonder to myself
if you possibly kinda like me, after all

I didn't know what to expect
as I became a boy's girlfriend
but I actually rather like it
the more time together that we spend

the notes we write each other
and the laughs that we share
are memories I will treasure
for all my life, I swear

now we're sitting in my driveway
staring up at that same night sky
you've just told me that you love me
and I'm so happy I could cry

but instead I smile up at you
"I love you, too," I say
and I think, here in this moment
this is my favorite day

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