Monday, May 07, 2018

favorite posts roundup

ever since I can remember, I have written words on a page. whether that be fiction writing, poetry, writing letters to friends and God and myself, or just journaling my little heart away. words hold so much meaning and I have always loved written words. reading them, writing them, words, words, words.

this blog is like a digital journal for me. of course, I don't write everything on this blog that I would in a journal. ;) but I love the fact that I have photos and words to document the past few years of my life! and I love looking back at old posts and seeing that snapshot in time. I love thinking about how far I've come since those posts, and being able to see God at work in the midst of all of the words on the page. 

so, I wanted to do a post where I highlight some of my favorite posts I've written on this here blog since I started it in 2013. by the way, I originally started it to process through being engaged and my upcoming marriage. then I remembered how much I loved blogging about life back in my livejournal and xanga days. (anyone else?!?!) and this blog has transformed into a digital home for me to capture... life. that's what these posts are... snapshots of the life I am living, and that's really cool when you think about it!

I wanted to keep this post a decent length, so I didn't include all of my favorite posts. but if you have time to kill and are interested in more posts.... check out my fave posts page HERE! :) if you are interested in reading through all posts related to grad school, you can do that HERE. and if you are interested in reading all of my creative writing posts, you can do that HERE. :) enjoy!

*a link to each blog post is under the photo*

do you have a favorite post on this blog?

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