Wednesday, May 02, 2018

grad school by the numbers | volume 5

my supervisor for my internship got promoted, so my schedule changed from 12 hour shifts, back to 8 hour shifts this semester! it was nice to know i would be home for dinner every night & be able to plan things in advance! i got to go with my supervisor to a lot of our satellite campuses this semester too, and i feel like i was able to see a lot of the hospital system which was nice! this semester went by really fast because of everything that was going on!

I also took my board exam for licensure in March because I love the thought of graduating and being licensed! and also, I need my licensure to work at the hospital! the exam I took was the masters level of the professional exam - so it is the equivalent of the CPA exam for accountants or the exam nurses take to become an RN. i studied for about two and a half months, then just bit the bullet and took it! it was so nerve wracking, but I passed! so once I graduate I will have four letters after my name!

also, I suffered really bad from what I am terming "grad school brain" this semester! you know how when women are pregnant and they can't remember things, people say they have "pregnancy brain"? well, that's what grad school brain is... I had SO much information in my head from studying everything I've ever learned for the exam... that I had so much trouble remembering things. Thomas would start laughing at me after a while because it seriously got so ridiculous. growing up I was always told I was an elephant because I remembered everything, so this was a huge change! the good thing is even though I was forgetting a lot of stuff, I managed to retain the info I needed for the exam and school! I am hoping my memory comes back to me now that grad school is over for good! 

grad school by the numbers | volume 5

semesters completed: 5 of 5! woo hoo!!

days of saturday classes: 14

trips to Dunkin for coffee between classes: 6

articles read this semester: 45
articles read for entire program: 267

chapters read this semester: none! we didn't have books we just used articles!
chapters read for entire program: 248

total pages read this semester: 391 (way lighter than previous semesters!)
total pages read for entire program: 12,114

papers written this semester: 13
papers written for entire program: 80

total pages written this semester: 61
total pages written for entire program: 569
*so many pages! i could have written a novel!

years taken off my life: pretty sure all the anxiety took about 5 good years from me! ;)

video lectures watched: 39

debates: 1

video interview: 1

quizzes taken: 30

full-time classes taken: 2

non-credit courses taken: 2

length of classes in hours: 3

gray hairs obtained: pretty sure I have about 50 new ones!

licensure exams taken: 1

licensure exams passed: 1 (!!! which means I will graduate as a licensed master social worker!)

number of months spent studying for the exam: 2.5

hours of internship: 264

awards received: 2

semesters remaining: NONE! i am done! woohoo!!! onwards toward graduation!

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