Monday, May 14, 2018

graduation | i am officially a master

it's been a long two year journey, with SO MUCH WORK, but I have finally graduated! apparently when you graduate with your masters, you get two graduations! the school i go to is a public university, so there's tons of students which mean that graduation is huge! so huge, in fact, that there are two different days to fit all of the graduations in. they split the graduations by departments within the school, and master's and bachelor's students graduate together. meaning the actual graduation ceremony takes hours to get through.

because of this setup, the College of Social Work does a separate hooding ceremony for the masters students the thursday before graduation. it's just the social work grad students so it's a smaller (and faster) affair. the hooding ceremony is where we wear our graduation robes and two of the faculty "hoods" each student with the hood that masters students get with their regalia.

the satellite campus i finished my classes at also had a graduation celebration at the end of the semester, so there were really three graduation ceremonies to go to. i am all for celebrating your accomplishments, but three was just a bit much. so, i opted to just go to the two celebrations specifically for masters students. they were more intimate, shorter, and more fun! I got all of my obligatory regalia photos at the holding & I only had to dress in my regalia once... and once was enough! ;) plus, graduation was on mother's day weekend & we were at the beach, so I didn't want to drive up yet again!

the celebration at the satellite campus was nice because it was in town, so most of my family was able to come! i wouldn't have expected everyone to come to the one at the main campus on a Thursday, and i only would have gotten 5 tickets for the big graduation ceremony on Saturday... so there wouldn't have been a way for everyone to come to that either. i like the way it worked out and that i got to have two smaller celebrations!

it was so nice knowing that i was graduating with my board licensure exam already passed. so, normally i would have graduated and been an MSW which is a Master of Social Work. but since i passed my exam, i have more letters after my name! i am a LMSW which is a Licensed Master of Social Work, and it is a licensure issued by the state board of social work examiners. you have to be a LMSW to work at the hospital, so it was a big deal to pass the licensure exam before graduating so i could move into a job faster (because the process is long)!

I can't legally start working until I get issued a license number, which will be a few weeks after my final transcripts are sent in. so, mid to late June is the timeframe I am looking at possibly starting a job. I have put in applications and should be starting the interviewing process soon, so that is exciting (but also nerve-wracking)!

it also feels so, so good to know that I am graduating without any student loans! we sold our house when we moved to be in the same city as my school, and we were able to use some of the profit on that to fully pay for grad school out of pocket! even though that means that we don't have a new house yet because we've got to save up for a down payment... we are DEBT FREE graduating from grad school and that is an accomplishment! it is a give & a take! thankfully we have some gracious parents who are allowing us to stay with them and save up for a down payment. so I would rather that than be loaded down with more student loans!

oh, and you may now refer to me as Master Robyn! ;) hahahaha!




I couldn't wear this masters robe with crazy sleeves & Gryffindor colors and not pretend I got into Hogwarts!
*my British professor told me "Welcome to Gryffindor" when he hooded me & all my dreams came true!*

"we do not need magic to transform our world. we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already" J.K. Rowling

here's to a great ending to graduate school & becoming a licensed social worker!

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