Wednesday, May 30, 2018

memorial day | hiking & grilling

my in-laws were gone this past weekend because they were in Yellowstone! we figured since we had a weekend at the house by ourselves, we would invite some friends over! it was fun to pretend like we had our own house again! haha!

we were going to do a short hike in the morning before grilling out but the hike got rained out... boo!
so we just had everyone over to our house instead and hung out indoors. thankfully, we got a few breaks in the rain during the day and were able to grill during one of the dry spells!

one of our friends brought their youngest son and he was entertaining! we brought our rabbit upstairs and he loved petting her! then we took him outside to see the chickens and he had fun watching them too! he loves animals, so we are the right house for him to visit! haha! he wasn't too sure about the dogs at first but he warmed up to them!

thankfully we had made a lot of dips and sides to go with dinner, so we just snacked during lunchtime. we played Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, but really just asked/answered the questions... and between all of us potterheads we knew most of the answers! it is funny to see how different people remember different details from the books! some of our friends also brought some butterbeer for us to try!

low quality photo, high quality friends

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