Monday, May 28, 2018

Wild Dunes, South Carolina

when you've been living on one income for the past 2 years, while also paying for grad school out of pocket... you don't turn down an offer to stay at the beach for free! some friends of my mother-in-law offered her a week at their condo & my father-in-law couldn't get off work, so she was gracious enough to ask if Thomas & I wanted to go with her!

it worked out to be the same week as my graduation, my sister's graduation, and the Mother's Day paint night that we had already planned with my mom! so, we had to drive back home on Tuesday night for the painting (7 hours round trip - if that doesn't say "I love you" I don't know what will!) and we had to drive to my graduation on Thursday, then my sister's graduation on Friday... but it all worked out and we still got to get away for an entire week! luckily Thomas likes driving & it was fun things that we already had planned, so the week was a blast! but we really only had 3 days at the beach during the whole week!

my mother-in-law came down with us and stayed until my graduation on Thursday. then Thomas and I came back down on Friday afternoon after my sister's graduation and stayed until Sunday morning. so we treated the weekend as a graduation/anniversary/birthday trip! our anniversary/Thomas's birthday was the next week, so we just celebrated a little bit early!

I am more of a mountains girl, than a beach girl... I am not a fan of sand or the heat ;), but luckily it was in the 70's while we were there! so not quite up to the 90's and 100's like it is allllllll summer and we were actually able to get out during the day without sweating to death! we had a blast exploring, taking photos, relaxing, reading on the beach, and watching those gorgeous beach sunsets! it was a great way to end this two year long journey of grad school! we also found 32 (!!!) whole conch shells during our walks on the beach! plus Thomas found a sand dollar and I found a big shark's tooth! so that was really fun! it was like a treasure hunt! it's funny how what the ocean pushes up to the shore as waste, we regard as treasure to be found!

the beach we were staying at is close to Charleston and another beach at the point of an island that we used to drive to, to watch the sunset when we lived in Columbia. so we had to go there and watch the sunset since we were so close! we got some awesome silhouette photos standing on the rocks at sunset, which turned out so great! it is seriously one of my favorite spots in the entire world because you are at the water but you can see the city and bridge in the distance! plus, at sunset there are tons of dolphins that swim through and pelicans/seagulls hanging around!

what's your favorite thing to do at the beach?

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