Thursday, May 17, 2018

year five.


can you believe that five years of marriage have already passed? it reminds me that time, it goes so fast... and we should really treasure each day because soon that day will be a memory. we were both in our 20's when we got married, and now you are well into your 30's and I am joining the 30 club this year! if each year that you age goes by faster than the last, pretty soon we'll be in our 60's at this rate!

the 20's were a great decade... it was when we met and started dating. it was when we got married and adjusted to life together, for better or for worse. it was a decade for figuring things out and making some changes. and now that grad school is over, and I will be settling into my second career... I am looking forward to the 30's. the 20's were about a lot of changes and figuring things out... and I am ready for some settledness and calm. oh, and having our own house again! ;)

happy fifth anniversary & happy birthday!

love, Robyn

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