Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Botany Bay, South Carolina

on our beach trip a few weeks ago, we drove an hour and a half to visit Botany Bay Plantation. we have seen photos that people take of the natural beach and have wanted to go visit ever since! it is a natural beach and people aren't allowed to take shells, so they leave all the pretty ones around for others to see! there are also a lot of trees overturned laying in the water, and it is such a fun place to take photos!

the beach is part of a plantation, so you can see parts of the plantation as you are driving to and from the beach. the beach is a half mile walk from where you park, but it is a pretty easy walk! the beach has a ton of shells on it, so walking barefoot isn't the best plan! but it is still fun to explore and we got a lot of great photo ops! 

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