Wednesday, June 06, 2018

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currently, I am...

traveling all around town because this is my last week before I become an employed LMSW! it has been nice to have some free time these last few weeks after finishing grad school & being able to catch up with some friends and spend days walking at the lake!

grilling we actually had some friends over to grill for memorial day and we grilled salmon! we hardly ever eat red meat & we get our fill of chicken... so we pretty much always choose salmon when we are going to grill out! it's our fave!

exploring all of the houses for sale around the area! we aren't quite ready to start the house searching process, because we will still have to save up for a few months once my job starts. but we have started looking to see what the options are around town, and nail down which areas we would prefer to live in! it is exciting... and I can't wait til we can actually start legit searching!

planting succulents! I am not really a plant person... because I don't really remember to water them, haha! but Thomas bought me some succulents a few months ago and I've put them in my adorable Oak and Oats planters! they are still alive for now, so that is something! 

playing the blogging scene again... haha! since I graduated from grad school, I've actually been blogging a lot more frequently! I am not sure if I will be able to keep it up once I start working, but I've got some posts scheduled out for the next few weeks at least! it has been fun to be back at it for now!

what have you been up to this month?

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