Wednesday, June 27, 2018

passport to the park

we bought a state park passport at the beginning of the month & we have been enjoying all the free entrances to the state parks around us! there are over 40 in the state, and a lot of those are around us because we live towards the mountains. we realized we would be going to one on Father's Day weekend, a beach trip this summer, and a beach trip in the fall... so we figured we might as well get the passport and go as many times as we want during the year! we love hanging out in the woods and hiking when we have free time, so we have definitely already gotten our money's worth out of the pass!

a few weeks ago we decided to head to a park near us after church just because we could! we wanted to take our basset with us because she hasn't gotten to get out on an adventure in a while! we took her for a walk on the easy trail around the lake and let her stop and watch the canoes and paddle boats for a bit. it had already started getting really hot around these parts, so we were glad the lake trail had tons of shade! but it was still a pretty hot walk, so we stopped for shaved ice afterwards! I think that was hound dog's favorite part of the trip!

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