Monday, June 25, 2018

the strength of a woman

my grandmothers are some of the strongest women I know
one day, I hope to have the kind of strength they do

the strength to love again
after losing the one you thought would be your forever

the strength to carry on
after losing a second husband

the strength to keep on smiling
after losing two precious children

the strength to keep on trying for a baby
after ten years have passed without one

the strength to hold onto the gospel
after being paralyzed from a stroke

the strength to keep up with
the many great-great-great-grandchildren your legacy has bore

the strength to get through PT rehab
the third time in a year

the strength to fight for lucidity
when dementia takes hold

the strength to love so many people
after seeing the darkest parts of this world

yeah, they're pretty amazing

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