Wednesday, July 04, 2018

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celebrating that I have a phone again! last week, I went to put my phone on the bathroom counter and it dropped out of my hand, then slid all the way down the counter and straight into the toilet. -_- so it was out of commission all week while it sat in rice and cat litter to try to get the water out. unfortunately it didn't ever turn on so I finally had to bite the bullet and buy another one. unfortunately I lost the information I had saved on it after May 6 because that's the last time it was backed up due to storage limits. but at least I didn't lose everything and now I can actually contact people again!

visiting my husband's family at the beach... at least we will be heading down there after I get off work today! it has been very busy and such a learning curve since I started my job a few weeks ago, and it will be nice to have 4 full days off to just hang out at the beach! getting my sweat on in 100 degree heat is still better than working, even though I love my job! haha!

baking homemade chocolate chip cookies which are super delicious! my mom made the same cookies every year when I was a kid and they've always been my favorite cookies! last week, we made them for my husband's family and they all loved them too! they are super delicious and chocolatey and soft in the middle when you eat them straight out of the oven!

loving my job! it has been pretty overwhelming because I am cross-training for two different areas, and training at/filling in at multiple locations. but, even with all of the overwhelming information and training... I really, really enjoy it! I know learning all of the medical terminology and all of the local resources will take time... and that I will eventually know this stuff like the back of my hand! the good thing about my job is that I have some great coworkers, so I always have someone to discuss things with at my fingertips!

what have you been up to lately?

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