Monday, September 24, 2018

the first date | year eight

September 22, 2011 was the first date that my (now) husband and i went on. there is some debate on whether it was a date or a "friend thing", but the point is, it was the first time we spent time together without other people around. our relationship started by a conversation over a cup of coffee, and so many important "starts" have also been over coffee for us! mainly because i think we are both slightly addicted to coffee, haha! (or addicted to warm drinks, because it's not really a caffeine thing since he drinks decaf and i alternate between caffeine or decaf) we both drink it black, but we also love the sugary lattes and frappachinos! (fun fact: my first time ever trying a PSL was on our first date because Thomas convinced me to try it!)

so we recreate our first date every year, and this past saturday was our 8th time on our "first date"! during the year, i know the time is passing but it's not until our anniversary or our first date recreation comes up that i really stop to think about how long we've been together. i like that we celebrate our first date anniversary also, because it helps me count all the time we've been together prior to our wedding! so we've been married for 5 and 1/2 years, but we've been together for 7 years! when we celebrated our anniversary this past year it was crazy to think we had been married for 5 years, but now it's crazy to think we've been in a relationship for 7 years!

each new year that passes always amazes us because it's always the longest relationship either of us have ever been in, haha! I mean, it's crazy to think one day we may be celebrating 50 years of marriage! (if we don't die before the year 2063) (also, that may sound morbid but I work in a hospital and see people die pretty often, so to me it's just reality that it could be a possibility we don't make it to 2063). but of course, it's always a possibility that we do make it to 2063 and celebrate 50 years of marriage! which is just astounding to think about!

September 22 is the first day of fall, which I've always found ironic because I love fall and I loved our first date, so of course they would be the same day! September 22 isn't always the first day of fall (because the autumn equinox has some weird thing where it shifts certain hours on certain years... I don't know I'm not a science person), but more than not it has fallen on the 22nd and I always think it's so fun! I've loved fall my entire life... there is just something about the weather changing and getting cooler that makes everything feel right in the world. maybe that's just me, but I've always felt a peace and a shift when fall comes around.

this year the 22nd fell on a Saturday on my weekend off, so we were able to celebrate at our leisure. our first date recreation is super casual... we just make it a point to go to a Starbucks at some point in the day. we usually end up talking about the past year or the past few years. this year we had a lot to reflect on... including finishing grad school, starting a new career, becoming land owners, and looking forward to building our own home! these past few years have been busy with lots of changes, and the changes keep coming! but thankfully they are mostly good changes! :)

what is your favorite tradition or anniversary you celebrate each year?

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