Wednesday, September 26, 2018

the house of black | a timeline so far

before we started the process of building a house, we had no idea all of the things that went into it up front! we have already done a lot of work to get this process started, and we haven't even broken ground yet! I want to remember all the little details that have gone into this process because there are a lot!

I'm calling our house The House of Black because I can't resist a Harry Potter reference! I'm planning on doing batch update posts on our progress as we build our house, because it will be fun to look back on all the steps along the way once we are settled into our house down the road! 

our timeline thus far:
June 7-ish: started talking about the possibly of buying land/building a home
June 8-20: did a lot of research about building a house, buying land, setting up an address, water/sewer/electric hookup, and loans/mortgages
June 20: met w/ bank to find out about construction loans
June 21: met w/ a building company to find out about their homes
June 22: walked through a home being built by this company
June 24: walked through another home being built by this company
June 27: met w/ an independent builder
June 28: had surveyor come out to survey land
July 12: walked through a house being built by the independent builder
August 2: got our land plat from surveyor and it was officially filed w/ the county
August 13: met w/ builder again to firm up details and discuss costs
August 15: papers for land signed w/ the lawyer
August 18: officially received the title to our land and became land owners!
September 12: met w/ bank to start application for a construction loan
September 14: called the county to start the process of getting an address set up
September 18: got an official address & met w/ builder to decide on final plans
September 19: got our official blueprints for our house!

it has been hard to schedule some of these meetings because my work schedule has been all over the place, so it has taken us a little bit longer to get started... but we needed to allow time for me to get some paychecks from my new job to establish work history before we started an application with the bank. so it is all coming together now, and we are waiting on just a few final documents to submit to the bank to complete our application! once our application is complete, it will take about 45 days to receive final approval for our loan and we will close on it! then the tangible work can begin!

next steps:
o1: get DHEC to do a perc test
o2: get final pricing for house (2-3 weeks)
o3: submit all final documents to bank to complete application
o2: have appraisal done
o3: meet w/ lawyer for closing (45 days from submitting the application to closing)
o4: meet w/ builder to start the building process! (including building permit, grading, clearing, water hookup, framing etc)

and now we are in a time of waiting. it will be another few months until we can officially start clearing the land since we have to wait a few weeks on each of these last few steps for approval. since we have been nomadic during my grad school journey, it feels like we've been waiting to have our own house again for years already. it is hard to wait because we are anxious to have our own home again. but we also want to enjoy all of the steps that come with building our home! 

I think once we have final approval from the bank and we actually start clearing trees and grading, it will feel a lot more real! once we actually start the foundation and framing, the waiting will be more fun, because we will be able to see tangible progress on our land and house! plus, it will be fun to see the house every step along the way to being completed!

I honestly didn't think I would be 30 and not be living in our own home. but I also didn't think I would go to grad school at 28 either. sometimes things don't turn out the way we originally picture it, but it often turns out better. (mainly because God's plans and timing are better than mine!) like for instance, I never dreamed we would be able to build our own home, yet here we are! 

but for now, we wait! for the bank to officially say we can financially do this, for the grading and building to start, for our dreams to get a little closer to fruition. all the waiting will just make our first night in a house that is 100% our space all the more sweet! ;)

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