Monday, October 15, 2018

an autumn photoshoot

I love autumn, bunnies, and taking photos, so of course I'm going to have a fall themed bunny photoshoot! ;) our last 2 rabbits, Albie and Finn, both had fun fall photos, but Luna hadn't had the pleasure of a fall themed photoshoot yet since last year was the first true fall that she spent with us and grad school had me crazy busy - we didn't even buy one pumpkin! so this year we made up for that and i think the photos came out adorably!

some of my autumn favorites include: small white pumpkins, funky shaped/colored pumpkins, cotton stalks, cozy blankets, hiking, chai tea lattes, crisp weather, wearing sweaters & scarves, leggings & boots, colorful leaves, LESS BUGS OUTSIDE, fresh apple cider, going to the pumpkin patch, cornmazes, funky looking gourds, day trips to the mountains ---- basically all the good things about life happen in the autumn ;)

what is your most favorite autumn tradition?

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