Wednesday, October 10, 2018

when your blog friends come to town...

this photo (and some below) by A Hopeful Hood

it all started with a facebook comment about java chip frappachino's. I mean, if we're honest, don't all good ideas start that way?! the next thing we knew, Stephanie, Susannah, Julie, and I were planning a girls trip to meet up and hang out! we live almost literally in 3 corners of the US, so it was fun to all be in the same place for a weekend! they were all gracious enough to come to my state since i couldn't get that many days off of work, and we had a 3 day weekend together! 

we figured out what dates would work for us and rented a nice airbnb to stay at! (if you are new to Airbnb, use MY LINK to sign up and get $40 off your first stay!) I met Julie (briefly) last year when my husband and I went to Philadelphia, but I hadn't met Stephanie or Susannah in person yet! it's so cool how the internet can bring people who live far away together, and it wasn't weird meeting them in person because i feel like i knew so much about them from reading their blogs/instagrams/texting with them these past few years!

we had such a fun time going to the mountains, getting coffee, going to the apple orchard, killing spiders, running from wasps, walking downtown, taking photos, grocery shopping, cooking meals, thrifting, and having deep conversations about life and God. we really packed a lot into 3 days together and it was so fun just hanging out in real life! all of them were just as nice and funny in person, as they are on their blogs! i'm so glad we got to do this weekend because it was much needed and i'm already looking forward to our next trip! ;)

check out Julie's post about our trip where she shares 6 tips for a budget friendly fall vacation!

what is your ideal group vacation?

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