Monday, December 31, 2018

30 favorite photos of 2018

it is actually kinda crazy to me, doing a recap post of 2018... because the beginning of this year feels like WORLDS AWAY! at the beginning of the year, i was starting my last semester of grad school, i hadn't even taken and passed my boards yet, and i had no idea how much life would change by December. yet here we are, i've got my dream job and it's near my house, and speaking of houses... we are ending 2018 in OUR OWN HOME! we haven't had our own house since May 2016, so we are just a tad excited!

last year, I did a post where I shared my favorite photos from the year. It was one of my favorite posts to do, so I decided to do it again this year! I have trouble narrowing down photos, so I am doing my favorite 30! last year I was able to narrow it down to 20 but this year I just couldn't choose! but I guess it fits because I turned 30 this year, so that sounds like a good number! haha! I added a short explanation of each photo below it! there aren't all my favorite for aesthetic reasons... but for the memories that have been captured. either way, enjoy!

o1; i mean, our adorable bunny catching snowflakes on her tongue?! you would be hard pressed to find photo cuter than that!

o2; if you know me, you know I'm an animal lover and slightly obsessed with donkeys. so when we had a resident donkey at an airbnb we stayed at, I was in heaven!

o3; this is spring in Chattanooga, and i love these colors so much! we took a short weekend trip to Chattanooga during my spring break, and we loved walking/biking on this pedestrian bridge!

o4; weekend getaways, coffee, and my husband... i can't go wrong with that combination!

o5; my in-law's baby chicks on top of my bunny, how much more cute could it get?!

o6; my family came to my graduation celebration at the satellite campus of my school and afterwards we hit up an ice cream/coffee place & my cool nephew rode with us!

o7; sunset silhouettes are my favorite photos to capture. this was a spontaneous beach trip that we got to go on, the week of my graduation! I think this one is so fun with the bird flying in the background!

o8; getting offered a free stay at the beach the week of my graduation was a fun treat! it was nice to have some days of relaxation to celebrate all that went into accomplishing a masters degree and licensure!

o9; every time we go to the beach, one of my favorite parts is going out to the point and watching the sunset. Thomas and I are sunset chasers, and the beach always tends to have gorgeous ones!

10; my sister graduated with her doctorate the day after I graduated with my masters, which was so fun. we took some photos before and after her ceremony and this one is my fave!

11; when our basset tags along on our hikes, it's always a photo opportunity! she's so adorable!

 12; i took some pregnancy announcement photos for some friends of ours, and this photo came out so sweet!

13; we went out to the beach one day after it had been raining, and got to see a full rainbow! 

14; the deer that live on the island we go to for family vacation, are used to people, so you can pretty much hang out with deer and it's so cool!

15; i just think these palm trees look so cool and representative of summer! i looked up when we were walking onto the beach and saw this and just had to capture it! 

16; I had my sister take a photo of us on my camera at one of our family get togethers, and it's one of my favorite photos of us to date.

17; just a boy having fun! i have such cute nephews! i love capturing random photos of them! 

18; my husband holding our newest nephew! so tiny! 

19; my husband took this of me when we were hiking one day (the same hike where he proposed) and i think it's so fun! 

20; of course i had to include a photo from when these blog friends came to town! I mean, if four bloggers hang out, there's gotta be a coffee photo right?!

21; reflection photos are some of my favorite in all the land

22; nephew feets, enough said

23; i love doing themed photoshoots with our pets & i think this fall themed photo came out so adorable! 

24; just look at that man that i married! ;) this was another weekend getaway that we took!

25; the budweiser clydesdales came to town to deliver beer down main street & we got some awesome close up photos of them!

26; the day we closed on our house & got the keys! so exciting!

27; nephew smiles & reindeer jammies

28; we stayed at my parent's house for a few days when we had a snow storm, because the roads near my in-laws were't driveable. i had a day off while we were there & spent the day doing puzzles and making cookies with my nephew! it was so much fun!

29; our gorgeous mantle and fireplace in our new house! i can't get enough of it!

30; the year ended on a sad note when my grandmother passed away on Christmas Eve, but we were so thankful we were able to see her 2 days prior and get this sweet photo with her!

what are some of your favorite memories from 2018?

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