Wednesday, December 26, 2018

a scrabble themed Christmas

each year we inevitably have a theme that our Christmas gifts (or the wrapping) stick to! I love giving handmade personalized gifts, and also packaging them up in cute wrapping! in 2017 we made customized peg people (I also made wood burned gifts for my boss!), in 2016 we wrapped with kraft paper and mini initial stockings, in 2015 we handmade almost all of our gifts (wood burned coasters, sugar scrub & bath salts, fabric flower wreaths, and a photo calendar). fun fact, we also made a pallet Christmas tree in 2015 that we still use to decorate with! in 2013 (our first married Christmas) I made Thomas a 12-month themed date idea gift called Passport to Fun, which we finished up in December 2014!

I did personalized gift wrap as a theme for our family gifts in 2013, which is one of my favorite things! I also made hot chocolate snowmen for my co-workers in 2013, which was the same year Thomas and I made a coffee table out of an old window from our house which is my favorite piece of furniture we have! (that was fun to go back through and remember all the things we've made these past few years! ;)

this year our gifts for our family were scrabble themed, because I've spent a lot of time at thrift stores sifting through scrabble letters over the past year! ;) I made something a little different for my sister-in-law's family, and I'll share photos (& a how to) in my next post (so check back on friday!). I kept collecting scrabble letters and I decided to make pretty patterned frames for some of our family members and my boss. I made more than are captured in these photos, but they weren't all completed when I took the photos! I think they came out so cute & it was really fun to gift everyone a special, personalized handmade piece they could display in their home!

what is your favorite way to personalize Christmas gifts?

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