Friday, December 28, 2018

how to | wall decor with scrabble letters

I shared about the scrabble themed gifts we gave most of our family members a few days ago, but I wanted to make another post for what I made for my sister-in-law's family. I was originally going to make it for them when they had their second child (in August), but they didn't name the baby until a few days after he was born, so I waited for Christmas since I didn't know what scrabble letters I was looking for until after he was born! I made a small wooden pallet with every family member's name on it, and room to add more kids if their family grows! although, if they have more than four kids, there may not be enough room, haha!

small wooden pallet
jar of stain
washi tape
burlap flowers
scrabble letters
hot glue gun

o1; using a paper towel, stain your small wooden pallet in the stain color of your choice
o2; arrange the scrabble letters in the order you want them to be on the pallet
o3; use the hot glue gun to secure the letters onto the pallet
o4; use the hot glue gun to secure burlap flowers (or other decoration) to any space that needs filled
o5; if you have an extra panel, use temporary decoration (such as washi tape) to make a design that can be removed without damaging the pallet (if more names need to be added later)
o6; use the glue gun (or heavy duty stapler) to secure the rope to the back side of the pallet, so the pallet can be hung on the wall

bonus tip: you can glue other decorations onto the washi tape, to add decoration temporarily but will easily be removed with the washi tape later

what's your favorite use for scrabble letters?

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