Friday, December 21, 2018

the Christmas mantle

when we lived in our first home together, we didn't really have a mantle. i mean, we had a mantle in our bedroom but we didn't really decorate it much because it was in our bedroom and not the living room. our old house was weird and our bedroom was actually the old dining room or living room. it was originally a 4 room house built without a bathroom, so it had some quirks. haha! point is... we didn't have a mantle in our living room so i never really had a place to decorate or accent the living room.

one of the things i LOVE about our new house is the fireplace. it's just super gorgeous and i love our wooden mantle! when we realized we would be able to close on the home and move in the week before Christmas, i gathered some of my Christmas decorations and packed them all in one bag to keep handy, so i could decorate our mantle. i knew we wouldn't have time to decorate the house for Christmas, and that our house would still be full of boxes throughout the holidays, but i was determined to at least decorate my long awaited mantle! i had selective Christmas decorations accessible, with more still packed in boxes unknown to me, but i used as much as i could! you can even spy our Christmas card for this year displayed! i had our mantle full & then we got our canvas wrap in the mail, so i did some rearranging to fit the canvas on the mantle, and i love it so much!

it was fun to decorate the mantle for the first time, and with cute Christmas decorations! we haven't decorated for Christmas the past 2 years because in 2016 we were living in the apartment but staying with family during the holidays since we lived 2 hours away, and in 2017 we were living with the in-laws in one bedroom. i mean, we usually do a low key Christmas on the decorating front, but we didn't get to do anything the past few years, so i'm delighted to at least have my Christmas mantle this year! i have no idea where our stocking hangers are packed, so i brought the festivities into the kitchen and hung our stockings on the pantry! plus, our pallet Christmas tree was at the front of one of our storage unit, so we got to pull that out and use it to decorate as well!

what's your favorite way to decorate a mantle?

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