Monday, December 17, 2018

the house of Black | when plans change

the next post i was going to write about our house was supposed to be all about how we started clearing the land and grading, to get ready to start the foundation of our house. but that's not what this post is about, this post is about how plans have changed and we are no longer building a house. 

if there's anything that i've learned in life, it's that we can plan anything we want, but that things don't always go according to plan. we knew there would be changes in plans during the house building (or house finding) process, so we had that in the back of our minds... but were still bummed when everything came to a screeching halt. however, it was a good time for us to reflect on where we put our faith, do we place our faith in God or our own plans? it has been a good time for us to look at life and re-evaluate.

most of the time when things don't go according to the plan i've made for myself, it's often grace from God. i can think my plans are the best, but when everything is thrown out the window and my course changes, i'm often so very glad that it changed the way it did. I'm not going to share about everything that happened that ended up changing our plans to build, mainly because some of it isn't our story to tell. but I will share what our next step in this journey is...which is buying a house! and things moved so quickly that I already have a lot of news on that front because we now own a home!

after spending 5 months preparing financing and figuring out what we wanted in a house and what would be functional for us... we were ready to move on a house as soon as we found it. which happened way quicker than we ever dreamed it would! the house we bought is in the exact area of town we wanted to live in, closer to our jobs and our church, and it has so many things we both wanted in a home. we kept coming back to this same house, and we both fell in love with it. after we walked through it, we knew this would be our home!

the house we bought was flipped earlier in the year and had actually been on the market for a few months before we made our offer. i can't figure out for the life of me why no one had purchased this house except that it was waiting on us. because it was flipped, it was completely redone inside and it was the exact color scheme i wanted, so we literally just had to move our furniture in and do nothing else! (except unpack allllll the boxes, which most are still unpacked!) i mean even small details, like my dream of having a brick fireplace painted white with a wooden mantle... is included in this house. 

it's like God is saying "hey, i have better plans for you, and i'll show you how much i love you by adding small details tailored to you." i am still in awe of how everything moved so fast and we have our own house again! i mean, most of the house isn't unpacked yet because it's a super busy time of the year, but it's our unpacked home! i really do believe that God knew what he was doing all along (duh!), and helped prepare us by taking us through the previous five months. 

we were also fortunate to be able to find a house that has some things we would've had to wait and save up for, if we had built. like a concrete driveway, a fence around the backyard, a screened in porch on the back, and the landscaping of the yard. looking back, even after the house would've been built, we would've had a lot to do with the landscaping, building a fence, etc. i'm getting tired just thinking of how much energy would've had to go into the house building process during and after... and i'm so thankful that we were able to find a move-in ready home that we both love! 

we were planning on having to wait until May/June of next year to be in our own home when we were building a house, and now here we are moved in before it's even Christmas! the best surprise! but we aren't counting this as our first Christmas in the house because we will still have boxes everywhere and we won't have time to hang any Christmas decorations!

we walked through the house, made an offer, counter offered a few times, and were under contract within 24 hours of walking through the house for the first time. everything moved quickly with the inspections and appraisal, and there were no major issues, so we were able to close within 3 1/2 weeks! it did help that no one was living in the home, and most of our stuff is packed in storage units, which helped us to be able to do a quick close!

we sold our last house in May 2016, and have been all over the place since then. we lived with my in-laws for a few months after selling our house, we lived in an apartment during the first half of grad school, and then we have been living with my in-laws again for the past 17 months. we have so much stuff that has been packed in storage since May 2016 that it's going to be like Christmas unpacking our boxes and finding things we had forgotten about! (which is ironic since we will be unpacking at Christmas time) i am so excited that soon we will no longer be living out of boxes, have a space to make our own, and not having to go dig through storage units to find things! haha!

so, life looks differently going into 2019 than we thought it would, but in the best way! there has been a lot that happened in the past 2 months, like me being able to move into a full-time job at work, us changing plans from building to buying, and then purchasing a home and moving in! now we can't wait to see what changes 2019 brings! (although we are looking forward to a more "settled" year in 2019 without grad school, board exams, job searches, and moving into a house!) 2018 has been a great year, a full year, and a tiring year... we are ready for 2019!

*the photo at the top of this post is our gorgeous kitchen!

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