Friday, September 20, 2019

baby showers

we will end up having four total baby showers for baby B! I was expecting one or two, so it was fun that so many people wanted to celebrate our little boy! the first three were hosted by friends and family, and all did the woodland critter theme! even though they were all the same theme, they were all so incredibly different but all so adorable! 

our fourth shower is being done by Thomas's work, and it will be a co-shower for us and his coworker who is pregnant the month after us! It will be just a week before baby B's due date, so I wanted to share some pictures from the first 3 showers before life gets hectic and I forget! There were so many cute decorations at all of our showers, and we appreciate all the work that went into them all! 

shower #1

shower #2

shower #3

Monday, September 16, 2019

birthday weekend in the mountains

Thomas and i decided to go on a quick mountain weekend trip for my birthday weekend at the end of august. it was a great weekend to go, because the weather was in the 50s-60s over that weekend and it felt like fall! the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool, hot tub, creek, deck, and a lobby full of games like pool and air hockey. it was a really cool place and we enjoyed it! i will enjoy it more when i can get in the hot tub though, for sure! baby can't get in the hot tub but i did let my feet take a dip, because hot tubs are my favorite! 

we just kinda hung around, exploring the little mountain towns around our hotel, getting cookies, playing air hockey, and going to thrift stores. we set up our tripod and took a few bump pictures together, because we aren't doing an official maternity photo shoot or anything. i love that we were able to take photos with mountains in the backdrop! it was fun to get away for a little bit and enjoy a preview of fall weather! next vacation we take, we'll have a baby (and so much more luggage) in tow!

Friday, August 23, 2019

31 | birthday by the numbers

i've done a few birthday by the numbers type posts before (2017 & 2014), as well as grad school by the numbers posts (o1; o2; o3; o4; o5). i love numbers so it's always interesting to quantify different aspects of life! i thought it would be fun to do another birthday by the numbers post this year since we have a little one joining our family (and the world) later this year!

this year i turn 31 years old, which means i really have to start saying i'm in my thirties now. haha! it still feels weird to think that though!

this year is the year that Thomas and i will welcome our first child into our family! we have a little boy on the way and are super excited!

baby B has been developing and growing inside me for 231 days, which is about 7 1/2 months and  33 weeks. he is around the size of a pineapple now!

it is only around 7 more weeks until baby B will be here! ...and life as we know it will change!

Thomas and i have been married for 2,290 days, which is about 6 1/4 years! it is pretty crazy to think it's been over 6 years already, and by our 7th anniversary we will have baby B with us in the world!

we have taken 3 trips this year, trying to get some travel in before we are exhausted with a newborn! ;) our first trip was in March and my parents took us all to Disney World which was super fun! our second trip was our anniversary trip to the mountains for the weekend, which also happened to be the weekend we found out that baby B is a boy! technically we haven't taken our third trip yet, but we are heading to the mountains for my birthday weekend tonight just to have one last trip before baby B gets here!

since this past November (when i started my full time job), i worked 118 12 hour shifts (11am-11pm) and 17 weekends when i was working a rotation in the ER. i switched to a Monday-Friday job in July, and have been enjoying having nights and weekends with Thomas again! soon baby B will join us and i'm very glad that i was able to switch to a Monday-Friday job, so we can spend more time together as a family!

it has been about 15 months since i graduated with my masters. it really seems like it should be longer than that, but i am very glad to be done with school forever!

what numbers are significant to you right now?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

the second trimester

how i'm feeling
i'm writing this post during my third trimester, which feels a lot different, so i'm trying to remember what the second trimester felt like! my nausea started to get better about halfway through my second trimester, but i was still consistently on nausea meds into my third trimester. the nausea and sensitive stomach eased off and i was able to eat more variety of foods which was a welcome break! i did have more energy during the second trimester which was nice, and we were able to convert the guest room to a nursery and do more fun things with friends and family. (plus i had more weekends free towards the end of the second trimester thanks to having a Monday-Friday job now!) i did start having more back pain and leg pain towards the end of the second trimester, but the break from the nausea, sensitive stomach, and fatigue was nice!

job change
i changed jobs during the second trimester, and it's not something i recommend haha because it's exhausting learning a new job while dealing with all the surprising symptoms or pregnancy! but, the reason i changed jobs is because i was working a rotation that was 11am-11pm and every other weekend (Fri, Sat, & Sun) and i just knew i couldn't do that schedule through pregnancy or with a newborn. thankfully a Monday-Friday job at the same hospital system i was already working at came open and i was able to transition to it mid-July! so it is a new job (completely different from what i was doing in the ER), but with the same company so i already know the computer systems and the hospital in general. i am so thankful that i was able to transition to a Monday-Friday job, even though it's been overwhelming learning all the new things. and i know i'll be super thankful to have this schedule when i go back to work after maternity leave too! this job does require working one weekend day every few months, but that is nothing after working the entire weekend on my old job!

anatomy ultrasound
it was really cool when they did our anatomy ultrasound and we were able to see (almost) every part of baby B's body, like his kicking feet, beating heart, his brain, and his spine! we chose not to find out the gender at the ultrasound, so the ultrasound tech cut the screen off when she checked the gender. she printed out the gender photos & stuck them in an envelope so we could open it at home! the cool thing about the ultrasound was that it was on our anniversary (which is also Thomas's birthday) so it was a really special day. after the ultrasound, we headed out of town for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary, but we opened the envelope before leaving home and we found out baby B is a boy

ER visit
in the second trimester, i started having random chest pain which was no fun. one night it kept getting worse so we went to the ER just to get things checked out. thankfully all the heart tests came back normal, only one lab was elevated and it's something that is elevated in pregnancy and i was in the normal threshold for pregnancy, so that set our minds at ease! they figured that the pain was likely caused by heartburn/reflux because it didn't have any other worrisome symptoms with it. it still comes randomly but thankfully with no other symptoms!

gender reveal
i wasn't sure that i wanted to do a gender reveal party, because i hate being the center of attention. haha but we ended up deciding to do one and it was a lot of fun! we invited almost all of our families and a few friends, most people came so it was a huge crowd at our house, but so fun to see that our house works to host a huge group like that! we had people parking in our backyard (which is huge and shaded) to save street parking and it worked out well! we did a pinata "reveal" and it only took Thomas 2 hits to smack the pinata open! the kids loved picking up the candy & we loved it because less for us to clean up! haha we even saved a bag of candy for baby B when he gets older! 

Monday, July 01, 2019

a poem for baby B

i haven't written a poem in a while, and after 6 months of pregnancy, obviously our little one has been on my mind. so i thought it would be fun to write one for baby B. i use the term "poem" very losely, because i use a random mix of styles and i don't always rhyme! ;) there's a few half rhymes and not-so-half-rhymes thrown in for good measure, haha!

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Monday, June 03, 2019

baby b | gender reveal party

it was so much fun to have our family and friends over to our house to celebrate baby b & for us to share the news that we have a little boy joining the family this fall! we moved into our house right before last Christmas, but with me working every other weekend, we were rarely at home together to unpack and move things where we wanted them. the unpacking and settling in was slow going for sure, but we managed to finish unpacking before the party, haha! although we still have to hang some curtains and decorations on the wall, but we will get there! this was the first time we had such a large crowd over to our house, but i felt like there was enough room to spread out in and it worked well!

we didn't do a set theme for the party, but we did have little bees and hives for people to cast their vote on the gender. we wanted to do bees since we have been calling ourselves the "b" hive and our little baby b on the way! we tried to think of a creative but inexpensive way to reveal the gender, and finally decided on doing a pinata because it was pretty simple to put together. i didn't find any bee pinatas i liked, but saw a sorting hat pinata in Target and couldn't resist! i am a huge Harry Potter fan and thought the correlation of the sorting hat revealing our baby's gender was just too fun to pass up! (if you're not into Harry Potter, the sorting hat is placed on each student's head, and it reveals what "house" they belong to at Hogwarts, their school)

we bought the sorting hat pinata, and then once we found out the gender, we bought blue candy to fill it with! we had about 45 people over for the party, and it was a lot of fun! Thomas only took 2 hits to break open the pinata & i got a fun video with everyone's reactions also! it was interesting having so many people over at our house at once, but it was nice to have a house and yard that could host people! thankfully we have a pretty good size yard, so there was plenty of room for people to park! my aunt's, Thomas's uncle, and one of my closest friends were also able to come to the party from out of town so that was fun! i'm glad we did the party and have these photos and memories to look back on (and to show baby b one day)! we also saved a goodie bag of the candy to give to baby b one day & Thomas bought the black bat (that he used to hit the piƱata) to give to baby B to use one day! :)