Thursday, February 28, 2019

the house of black | the living room

i doubt i will do a full "home tour" on the blog, but i am SO in love with our living room at our new-to-us house, that i had to show it off! it was one of the first rooms that got fully decorated, and it was the most fun to decorate! we still don't have anything hanging on our walls, and it'll honestly be a few more months before we get into any of that, haha!

i love the white/gray walls with the dark wood flooring! our entire house has white/gray walls, but all of the bedrooms have gray carpeting instead of the laminate flooring. at our first house, we didn't have a fireplace in our living room and it is the one thing i really wanted when we bought this house! i love our brick fireplace, i love that it's painted white, and i love love love our wooden mantle! it's one of my favorite parts of our house, and i love how it stands out in the living room.

if we were going to build a house, i was going to paint the fireplace white and add a rustic wooden mantle, so this was even better because all of the work was done for us already! i love that our living room centers around this fireplace instead of a tv, because i believe it facilitates better conversation! i don't watch a whole lot of tv, and it has always bugged me when a tv is on for "background noise." Thomas makes fun of me because if i am the only one in the room, i will turn the tv off (sometimes without even realizing) because i just can't take it being on when no one is watching it! 

we intentionally put our tv in a separate room, so that it wouldn't be the "go to" when we have guests over. we don't want to be those people who stare at the tv the entire time guests are over. however, if we have people over for a movie or game night, then we can gather in the tv room! we know we will eventually probably have to give our tv room up, but for now we have space for it and it works! 

it was nice to move into the house and have enough furniture to fill it, without having to buy anything! we did buy the rug for the living room though, because our rugs in storage were in pretty bad shape after being rolled up for 3 years, haha! the couches came from my parent's house when they got new ones, we got our grandfather clock from Goodwill, one end table came from a thrift store, another end table came from our first house, and our table on the wall came from a yard sale! it is so fun that we picked all of these pieces from different places, but they all pull the room together! 

what's your favorite part of a living room?