Wednesday, April 17, 2019

baby b | how we told our parents

both of our sisters had the first grandchild in each of our families, so we weren't exactly telling our parents that they were becoming grandparents. but we did get to tell them that they would have another grandchild, so that was fun!

i had matching shirts/onesie made (cause i'm that person) that were "bee" themed since we were calling ourselves The B Hive. (you can see the shirts and the onesie in the photos in this announcement post!) i was originally going to give them the announcement card in an envelope to read and tell them that way. but the announcement cards hadn't come in the mail yet, we didn't want to wait to tell them, and we had the onesie that said "baby bee" on it. so, we just wrapped up the onesie in a bag and made up a reason of why we were giving them a gift. haha!

it was fun to see their reaction when they opened up a onesie, and then read "baby bee" on it! my parents thought we were giving them something for our Disney trip in March (technically it does have to do with Disney b/c there's a new family member hitching a ride!) and my in-laws thought we were giving them something for their new house (technically the baby will go to their new house, haha!). it took my parents a little bit to catch on to the fact that we were pregnant, because no one knew we were trying to have a biological child (we've always talked about adoption & that's still in the plan!). both of them were thrilled when they found out the news though!

two weeks later, and both my mom and mom-in-law had already bought their first gifts for baby b! so I think you could say they were excited! haha! we told our grandparents by letting them open the card and read it! it was fun seeing everyone's reactions to the news!

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