Monday, April 22, 2019

days of disney | magic kingdom

last year around this time, I graduated with my masters and my sister graduated with her doctorate! my parents wanted to take us all to Disney to celebrate, but it was hard to figure out a time to go last year because of taking licensure exams, starting residency, and starting a new job! so we decided to wait until this year so we could actually enjoy it rather than stressing about everything going on after grad school! my mom had matching Star Wars shirts for us to wear for the trip too, and they were so fun!

we went to Magic Kingdom the first day, and didn't get much sleep the night before. I was still in my first trimester during the trip, so the extreme fatigue of pregnancy plus not much sleep meant I was feeling pretty bad by dinner time. me and Thomas ended up having to go back to the hotel after dinner and missed the fireworks show because I just couldn't stay. but we did end up watching a youtube video of the fireworks show once we got home, not the same but better than me being sick the whole trip because I pushed it too hard.

Magic Kingdom was really fun and I feel like we could've spent 2 days in the park, because we definitely didn't see it all with our early night. I feel like it's the classic Disney park and it's one of the only parks that I remember from visiting when I was a kid. the last time I was at Disney was for my 8th grade class trip, so it's been a good 18 years! haha! there were a few parades where all the characters came through, and that was fun! even though I could only ride kid rides, we did do almost a whole day of rides! and then we got to eat dinner w/ Winnie the Pooh and friends! so that was a great end to the day!

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