Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Jacksonville, FL

my parents took our family to Disney World for a belated graduation gift for me and my sister (posts with photos will be coming! sooo many photos to go through!). i graduated with my masters and she graduated with her doctorate last May, but our schedules couldn't come together for the trip until this year. the way my 12 hour rotation worked out, i would have 2 extra days off during the time we needed to take off for the Disney World trip, so Thomas and i decided to take a little mini vacation on the way to our family vacation! 

we spent a day in St. Augustine, FL for our anniversary one year, and we drove through Jacksonville during that trip. we always said we wanted to come back to Jacksonville and explore the city someday. my mom was also born in Jacksonville so i thought it would be cool to see the city. we decided we would leave 2 days early, stop over in Jacksonville for 2 nights, and have a shorter drive to Disney the day the rest of my family would be making the long drive!  

i wanted to spend those extra 2 days going to Harry Potter World, because we've never been and i've been wanting to go for so long. but, since we bought our house in December, and we're saving up for a baby this year, we just couldn't make the funds work for that. i'm thinking maybe we'll save up for a trip to HP world for our 10th anniversary or something, haha! but i will get there one day!

we booked this trip before we knew i was pregnant with baby b, but it was nice to have one last little vacation before we become a family of 3. i'm not sure that we'll be able to take any other vacations by ourselves before baby b arrives, so we can consider this a baby moon of sorts i guess. if people did baby moons during the first trimester, haha! after being nauseous 24/7 for almost 2 months, and not having the energy to leave the house on my days off, this trip was SUCH a welcome break!

it was nice to have some alone time with Thomas, get outside and explore, and not conserve all of my energy for my 12 hour shifts like I had been doing the last few months! I was still very exhausted and had some nausea, but it did ease up some for the trip which was nice! we just kinda hung out around the city and took it easy, since I didn't have too much energy... but it was a super fun trip to get out and explore, even if we had to take it slower than we normally do!

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