Monday, April 15, 2019

marineland dolphin adventure

on our way to Disney World from Jacksonville, we rode down the A1A so we could see the beaches, and we passed Marineland! we looked up the website and saw that you could see dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks up close... so we made plans to stop there on our way back home from Disney! you can actually swim with the dolphins or do a "touch and play" in the water, but those tickets were a bit too much money for this trip! 

we did a general admission ticket which got us a behind the scenes tour, and we got to see the trainers with the dolphins. it was cool to see how interactive the dolphins are and how they would constantly swim up and look at people, like they loved the attention. they were playing with kongs and balls while we were there, and it was just so cute! we had a dolphin pop up, look at us, and rest his chin on the concrete a few times! that was so adorable!

the behind the scenes tour took about 30 minutes and we stayed for probably 20 minutes more than that to look at everything, it was definitely worth the stop on the way home! we are already planning a trip back in a few years, and we may save up to do the water play time with the dolphins because they were so playful and fun!

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