Monday, April 29, 2019

the first trimester

when we found out
we found out that Baby B was on board on February 1, 2019 which was a friday. i actually took a test on tuesday of that week, knowing i was probably taking the test WAY too early, but i was just so anxious to find out if we had a baby on the way. it was negative on tuesday, so i made myself wait 3 more days and took a test again on friday. it had a faint positive line and i couldn't believe it. i did a google search to make sure a faint positive line still meant positive (it does), and then took the test in the backyard to snap a photo. i told Thomas that day, but took another test sunday to make sure and it was positive too!

how i told Thomas
if you haven't already figured this out about me, i plan ahead... and this was no exception. as soon as we started "trying" for a baby, i ordered some adorable woodland baby booties to use as a way to tell Thomas the news. i had a "little cub" bear cutout from Wild Cedar Co. that i had been saving, so i wrapped up the bear, booties, and positive test and told Thomas i made him a "get well" package because he was sick that day. when he opened the gift, he had a suspicion of what may be in there, but he was somewhat shocked and excited about the news.

12 hour shifts
12 hour shifts can be hard to get through on a normal day, but it's a whole other level when you're feeling that pregnancy fatigue and all-day sickness. the nausea started to hit towards the end of week 5, i would feel nauseous pretty much all day long. at the beginning of week 6 i actually got sick just from certain food smells. i got sick right before going into work a few times, which made those days super long because the sick feeling never went away. it is hard to be at work for 12 hours, trying to force myself to eat so i won't have an empty stomach and get sick again.

one of the worst feelings in the world to me, is being nauseous. i hate feeling nauseous and when i have a stomach virus i often pray that i will get sick so the nausea will go away. there is no way to sugar coat it, morning sickness (which is all-day sickness in my case) is just miserable. my days at work were rough and my days off were rough because it was constant nausea and trying not to actually get sick at work. and then in between the bouts of nausea, trying to keep my eyes open and my brain focused on what i need to do.

i also work a job where i interact with people, so I was constantly praying that i didn't get sick in a patient's room and that I could focus on helping patients, but it was rough. my nausea lasted well into the second trimester too, so it was about 3.5 months of 24/7 nausea! (i did get medication around week 9 that helped for the most part, and i am super thankful for that!)

days off
my days at work during the first trimester were hard and my days off were hard, because of the constant nausea and fatigue it was so hard to get things done. i usually try to go for a walk on my days off, but walking made my nausea worse so that was off the table. i especially didn't want to start feeling worse when i'm walking outside by myself, while Thomas is at work. i couldn't spend energy unpacking either, because that movement would make me feel sick. there were a few days i was able to run some light errands, but mostly i had to lay down a lot on my days off. i had about 2 months where i could hardly leave the house if i wasn't working, and i started to get cabin fever really bad! (thankfully some of my energy came back in the second trimester and we finally started unpacking the house again! haha)

who we told
we told our parents, grandparents, siblings, and a few close friends during the first trimester. we wanted to wait to announce to everyone after the first trimester passed, but i am so glad we told a few family members and friends early on. i can't imagine going through this sickness and all of the other symptoms without having some of my closest friends to talk to about it, and receive encouragement from. plus, if something did go wrong and we had a miscarriage, it was comforting to know that we had people to talk to who knew would know why we were grieving. (i work in the ER and see people come in to find out they miscarried more often than i'd like, so i always knew it was something we wouldn't want to go through alone.) we also got to celebrate the news with our families early on which was fun! i also had to tell my boss a few weeks early because i got sick at work and had to leave early. so i shared the news so i wouldn't just look like a slacker! haha

first doctor visit/first ultrasound
i didn't have my first appointment with the doctor until i was 8.5 weeks along. since my nausea started at week 5, that means i was sick for 3.5 weeks before i could see a doctor and ask for something to help relieve the nausea! those were the longest 3.5 weeks of my life! Thomas was able to join me for my first visit, and they did an ultrasound before the doctor visit! it was surreal to see a little baby developing inside of me on the screen! there is literally nothing to compare it too, it is just a unique experience in life! (at my 12.5 week appointment, we got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler and that was really cool too!)

the only time i've had an ultrasound prior, was when they discovered the 22 pound cyst growing in my ovary, so this one was much more pleasant! we were able to see the heartbeat flickering on the screen, and we got some really cute photos of baby B to take home! the pressing down on my abdomen actually kind of hurt when they were doing the ultrasound, so it was hard for me to focus on the screen much. i don't remember much more than seeing the flickering heartbeat, so i'm glad they give you the take home photos! ;)

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