Friday, April 05, 2019

we're adding a baby "B" to our hive

one day Thomas and I were talking about having a baby, and I started calling our future child "baby B". which made me wonder what baby bee's look like, naturally. I googled a picture and they looked so cute all nestled up in the hive. so then we started brainstorming bee references and we decided that we would call ourselves "the B hive". and now, i am pregnant with our little baby "B"!

we are beyond excited for this next stage of life, and super thrilled to have a baby with our genes developing as we speak! i can't get over those little woodland booties & we've been dreaming about the little feet that will fill them in 6 short months! that ultrasound is from my 8 week appointment, and i love that you can see the tiny arms & legs of our little baby B, who is already so cute!

i'm currently 13 weeks along, and so far pregnancy hasn't been at all what i thought it would be. it's gone by rather slowly, and been filled with weeks and weeks of 24/7 nausea. which has been hard to get through, but at the same time those symptoms let me know that baby B is developing! i will write more about the first trimester, when we found out, how i told Thomas, and how we told our parents in future posts. but for now we are anticipating the arrival of baby B in October!

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