Monday, May 27, 2019

IT'S A ....

when we first found out that baby B was on the way, i calculated when i would be 20 weeks along to get an idea of when we might find out the gender. i calculated that i would be 20 weeks at the end of May, and thought it would be cool to celebrate our anniversary on May 17 and then find out the gender 2 weeks later!

as it turns out... we ended up finding out the gender at 18.5 weeks because of the way my appointments were scheduled out, so we got to find out a little bit earlier than i was expecting! and the random date they pulled out for our anatomy ultrasound was May 17... which is not only our anniversary but also Thomas's birthday! so it was a very special day this year!

the weekend of May 17 was a weekend i was scheduled to work, so i did some swapping around with my coworker and took a day of PTO so i could have the whole weekend off with Thomas because i knew we would have a lot to celebrate! thankfully our ultrasound appointment was early friday morning, and right after the appointment we headed to the mountains for the weekend for our anniversary trip!

we went back and forth between finding out during the ultrasound or finding out privately at home afterwards. we decided to have the ultrasound tech turn the screen off when she checked the gender, and she placed 3 photos with the gender typed on them in an envelope so we could open later! Thomas wanted to wait until the gender reveal (a week later) to find out, but i shot that down, haha! i didn't want to wait an entire week, especially since we had the opportunity to find out on our anniversary. but also, i wanted to find out privately with Thomas, and not in front of 40 people!

it was fun to find out right before we headed out of town for the weekend, so that we could dream about baby B together and brainstorm names during the weekend! (although we already had a pretty solid boy name and girl name prior to finding out! because like i said, i don't like to wait! but we are still deciding on the name, and haven't agreed on a winner yet.)

we had our gender reveal party at our house yesterday, and shared the news with family and some close friends! it was really fun! i went back and forth between having a gender reveal party or not, because i don't like being the center of attention. but i'm glad we had the party and were able to spread the news in a creative way to our family and friends at one time! it was fun to see everyone's reactions, and i feel like we wouldn't have gotten to focus on everyone else's reactions if we were finding out at the same time. so i'm very glad we did it the way we did!

so now that we told our families the news, i guess it's out there! baby B is a BOY & we couldn't be more excited to welcome him into our family in October! we have 3 nephews, so he will fit right in with his cousins! now i'm going to go register for all the cute boy things! haha!

Friday, May 17, 2019

year six.


that's a wrap on our sixth year of marriage. it honestly feels like it should be a higher number of years that have passed already. we have lived a lot of life in the past six years, and have been through so many changes!

last year, when we celebrated our 5th anniversary, who would've thought we would be where we are today? on our 5th anniversary, i had just graduated from grad school the week prior and we really had no idea what the future months would hold. i had set up my first job interview, but had no idea when i would be able to start a full-time job. we hadn't started discussing building a house vs buying a house at that point, and didn't know how long it would take to move into our own home again. we also hadn't started discussing kids and how that timeline would work now that grad school was over. 

now one year later, here we are celebrating 6 years of marriage. i've been in my job since June 2018, and i've been full time since October 2018. we've been in our house since December 2018, and we've got a tiny human with our chromosomes developing inside of me since January 2019. all of those changes, one after another, that led to starting this journey into parenthood.

this is our last anniversary as a family of 2 (although technically Baby B hitches a ride with me everywhere i go!) i can't even begin to imagine what life will look like at our 7th anniversary, as a family of 3. but i know it will be completely different than all these years before.

today is also the random day my doctor picked for us to find out the gender of Baby B, and i'm super excited to learn more about our little one together! what a great birthday and anniversary present to us both! so happy birthday, welcome to your 34th year on this earth. happy anniversary, welcome to our 7th year of marriage. and welcome to the year that you become a dad. hope you're ready! ;)


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

days of disney | epcot

Epcot is the last park we visited on our family Disney trip, and i'm glad we saved it for last because it was so much fun! although i do feel like you could definitely spend 2 full days in this park just like Magic Kingdom. it was fun to try out different foods from each different "country" that is represented. we ended up saving a lot of our "snack" credits on our dining plan for the last day, which worked out well since there were so many different food options at Epcot!

there were tons of bush sculptures of different characters which were fun to spot! we rode the monorail from Epcot to Magic Kingdom and back, which was a nice "ride" that was slow enough i could ride it! haha! there were really cool views on the monorail also, and we got a good shot of the Epcot ball and some flowers from the monorail!

all of the flowers and bushes that were done in the park were really cool to see also! i feel like every few steps was another great photo opportunity (and we took so many photos it was hard to choose my favorites for this post)! i was able to ride a few of the rides in this park also, and Spaceship Earth was really cool to do! (although i lost my sunglasses on the ride because i forgot they were on my hat, RIP) we made it to the fireworks this night also, and they were really fun! we had a packed day in the park, and did so much walking through all of the countries! but it was a great end to a really fun family trip!

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

days of disney | animal kingdom

Animal Kingdom was the second park we went to on our family Disney trip and i enjoyed it because i love animals! although i was super bummed that the safari was so bumpy because little pregnant me couldn't do the safari and see most of the animals! but, Thomas and i walked around a fair amount of the park while my family rode rides, and we were able to see a lot!

the first thing we did once we got to the park was The Lion King show, and it was so much fun and done really well! The Lion King was my favorite movie as a kid (and i'm super excited about the live action remake this year!) and i even got a photobombed selfie with Timon which was so fun! i was able to do a few rides at this park which was nice! there is a 3D bug's life show that was super entertaining also (and in the shade!)

Monday, May 06, 2019

random thoughts on being pregnant.

being pregnant isn't at all what i thought it would be. of course, i've really only been through the first trimester, and part of the second, so this post isn't about the entirety of pregnancy but more of my adjustment to the first trimester. which was SUPER tough. i didn't expect months of all-day nausea, not sleeping through the night, daily cramps, severe headaches, and aches in my ribcage making it impossible to get comfortable. 

i found out i was pregnant, felt good for about a week and a half, started planning things and reading books about pregnancy and journaling about it. then the 24/7 nausea set in, and stayed for the first four months (so far, hoping it goes away soon though!). the other symptoms didn't take long to kick in after that, and it has been a huge adjustment for my body... even though i don't have a huge bump yet! (so i know there are even more changes coming) everything has been halted for these past few months, i haven't had energy to unpack the house, haven't been able to cook or smell food at times, haven't had energy to read and plan. (thankfully some energy did come back in the second trimester and i am so very thankful for that!)

for most of my life i never planned on being pregnant, because i always wanted to adopt. but when i married Thomas, we started talking about adopting and having biological children, which is obviously what we are doing, haha! but i never really planned on being pregnant, so i feel like i didn't really know what to expect, and so much more happens with pregnancy than i ever would have thought. it has been tough to deal with all of the changes and sickness, all while working 12 hour shifts. it was extremely hard during my first trimester when hardly anyone knew that i'm pregnant. i didn't feel like myself during that time and it was a struggle to get through each day.

and it's kindof lonely, too. because even though i could tell people how i was feeling, and they could sympathize, i was the only one feeling like this for weeks on end. i didn't have the energy or feel well enough to even go outside and take a walk during my days off. i started to get really bad cabin fever but felt so awful i just couldn't get out of the house and do anything. some days it felt like the first trimester would never end, but as all things do, it eventually did. 

but it really did feel like the transition happened quickly. one day i wasn't a mom, and the next i was. i know that my baby is still developing inside of me, but you become a mom once you get pregnant. the responsibility of motherhood was felt since early on. everything i do affects my baby, what i eat, how much i exercise, what i drink, the environments i'm exposed to, how much sleep i get, what medications i take to feel better, etc. talk about major responsibility, it's easy to get overwhelmed!

i'm already sacrificing so much for this child, and i haven't met him or her yet. i don't even know if it is a him or a her yet! and it's the strangest feeling to be so excited about knowing that a child is developing inside of my body and that in a few months we will have our first child. while, at the same time, having such a hard time with sickness, fatigue, and emotional ups and downs. i've most definitely never experienced that before, being so excited but so exhausted/sick at the same time. wishing that the time passes quickly, but not wanting it to pass by too soon. pregnancy is a super unique life experience, and i know there's going to be so much more to learn and adjust to these next few months. (and then we end up with a baby human to keep alive, so more learning and adjusting haha!)

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

days of disney | Hollywood studios

we ended up going to 1 park per day on our family Disney trip, which worked out really well! Hollywood Studios is the third park we went to, but i'm sharing about it second because i wanted to edit the star wars photos! haha! our family is a star wars family (if you couldn't tell by the fun shirts my mom had made for us!) so we enjoyed the random storm trooper walk throughs, meeting Chewie and BB-8, and being followed by the storm troopers because our shirts were "suspicious." haha

my nephew made a lightsaber, but sadly didn't get to do the jedi training camp because it was already full. but it was fun to watch the padawans battle Darth Vader and Kylo Ren right behind the place we were eating lunch. my mom and i were able to build our own personal droid to take home, with mickey ear hat and all, which turned out really cute! my favorite part was meeting Chewie and him cheering when he read our buttons that said we were celebrating baby b

this park was fun to walk around because it felt like you're in hollywood back in the day. we ate at a 50's themed restaurant for dinner which was also fun! there were a few shows that we got to do since i couldn't do any of the rides, but i am kinda mad that i had to forego the Star Tours ride! (we will just have to come back when i'm not pregnant haha!) the fireworks show was star wars themed also, and it was really cool how they did it! the porgs even made an appearance which was so fun! Thomas and i also got to meet Olaf, who was just as excited as Chewie about the baby, and he does in fact give warm hugs!