Wednesday, May 08, 2019

days of disney | animal kingdom

Animal Kingdom was the second park we went to on our family Disney trip and i enjoyed it because i love animals! although i was super bummed that the safari was so bumpy because little pregnant me couldn't do the safari and see most of the animals! but, Thomas and i walked around a fair amount of the park while my family rode rides, and we were able to see a lot!

the first thing we did once we got to the park was The Lion King show, and it was so much fun and done really well! The Lion King was my favorite movie as a kid (and i'm super excited about the live action remake this year!) and i even got a photobombed selfie with Timon which was so fun! i was able to do a few rides at this park which was nice! there is a 3D bug's life show that was super entertaining also (and in the shade!)

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