Wednesday, May 01, 2019

days of disney | Hollywood studios

we ended up going to 1 park per day on our family Disney trip, which worked out really well! Hollywood Studios is the third park we went to, but i'm sharing about it second because i wanted to edit the star wars photos! haha! our family is a star wars family (if you couldn't tell by the fun shirts my mom had made for us!) so we enjoyed the random storm trooper walk throughs, meeting Chewie and BB-8, and being followed by the storm troopers because our shirts were "suspicious." haha

my nephew made a lightsaber, but sadly didn't get to do the jedi training camp because it was already full. but it was fun to watch the padawans battle Darth Vader and Kylo Ren right behind the place we were eating lunch. my mom and i were able to build our own personal droid to take home, with mickey ear hat and all, which turned out really cute! my favorite part was meeting Chewie and him cheering when he read our buttons that said we were celebrating baby b

this park was fun to walk around because it felt like you're in hollywood back in the day. we ate at a 50's themed restaurant for dinner which was also fun! there were a few shows that we got to do since i couldn't do any of the rides, but i am kinda mad that i had to forego the Star Tours ride! (we will just have to come back when i'm not pregnant haha!) the fireworks show was star wars themed also, and it was really cool how they did it! the porgs even made an appearance which was so fun! Thomas and i also got to meet Olaf, who was just as excited as Chewie about the baby, and he does in fact give warm hugs!

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