Friday, May 17, 2019

year six.


that's a wrap on our sixth year of marriage. it honestly feels like it should be a higher number of years that have passed already. we have lived a lot of life in the past six years, and have been through so many changes!

last year, when we celebrated our 5th anniversary, who would've thought we would be where we are today? on our 5th anniversary, i had just graduated from grad school the week prior and we really had no idea what the future months would hold. i had set up my first job interview, but had no idea when i would be able to start a full-time job. we hadn't started discussing building a house vs buying a house at that point, and didn't know how long it would take to move into our own home again. we also hadn't started discussing kids and how that timeline would work now that grad school was over. 

now one year later, here we are celebrating 6 years of marriage. i've been in my job since June 2018, and i've been full time since October 2018. we've been in our house since December 2018, and we've got a tiny human with our chromosomes developing inside of me since January 2019. all of those changes, one after another, that led to starting this journey into parenthood.

this is our last anniversary as a family of 2 (although technically Baby B hitches a ride with me everywhere i go!) i can't even begin to imagine what life will look like at our 7th anniversary, as a family of 3. but i know it will be completely different than all these years before.

today is also the random day my doctor picked for us to find out the gender of Baby B, and i'm super excited to learn more about our little one together! what a great birthday and anniversary present to us both! so happy birthday, welcome to your 34th year on this earth. happy anniversary, welcome to our 7th year of marriage. and welcome to the year that you become a dad. hope you're ready! ;)


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