Monday, June 03, 2019

baby b | gender reveal party

it was so much fun to have our family and friends over to our house to celebrate baby b & for us to share the news that we have a little boy joining the family this fall! we moved into our house right before last Christmas, but with me working every other weekend, we were rarely at home together to unpack and move things where we wanted them. the unpacking and settling in was slow going for sure, but we managed to finish unpacking before the party, haha! although we still have to hang some curtains and decorations on the wall, but we will get there! this was the first time we had such a large crowd over to our house, but i felt like there was enough room to spread out in and it worked well!

we didn't do a set theme for the party, but we did have little bees and hives for people to cast their vote on the gender. we wanted to do bees since we have been calling ourselves the "b" hive and our little baby b on the way! we tried to think of a creative but inexpensive way to reveal the gender, and finally decided on doing a pinata because it was pretty simple to put together. i didn't find any bee pinatas i liked, but saw a sorting hat pinata in Target and couldn't resist! i am a huge Harry Potter fan and thought the correlation of the sorting hat revealing our baby's gender was just too fun to pass up! (if you're not into Harry Potter, the sorting hat is placed on each student's head, and it reveals what "house" they belong to at Hogwarts, their school)

we bought the sorting hat pinata, and then once we found out the gender, we bought blue candy to fill it with! we had about 45 people over for the party, and it was a lot of fun! Thomas only took 2 hits to break open the pinata & i got a fun video with everyone's reactions also! it was interesting having so many people over at our house at once, but it was nice to have a house and yard that could host people! thankfully we have a pretty good size yard, so there was plenty of room for people to park! my aunt's, Thomas's uncle, and one of my closest friends were also able to come to the party from out of town so that was fun! i'm glad we did the party and have these photos and memories to look back on (and to show baby b one day)! we also saved a goodie bag of the candy to give to baby b one day & Thomas bought the black bat (that he used to hit the piƱata) to give to baby B to use one day! :)

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